Jatin Patel with presidential award
Jatin Patel (left) and presidential letter accompanied the certificate.

Jatin Patel, an Indian-American, received the Lifetime Achievement Award, from the USA President Joseph R. Biden, for his lifelong commitment to building a strong nation through volunteer service. He also received an individual letter signed by the President.

His nomination is highly commendable based on his commitment and sincerity to public service. The White House recognized his volunteerism since he moved to the USA in 1987 to empower communities through various non-profit organizations, the Air Force, and the Army.

“Receiving The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award with the words, ‘with grateful recognition the AmeriCorps and the office of the President of the United States honors Jatin Patel with The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his lifelong commitment to building a strong nation through volunteer service.’

“The award was signed by President Joseph R. Biden and is one of the greatest honors I have ever received,” said Jatin Patel.

Jatin Patel is a USA Cricket Hall of Famer, multi-sport (cricket, soccer, and baseball) coach, and a Professional Sports Performance Analyst accredited by the International Society of Performance Analysts of Sport (ISPAS). He holds Advance Sports Performance and Analysis Diplomas (FIFA & Olympic Soccer). He is a renowned name in the Indian community for his various roles in cricket establishments in the USA.

The certificate that recognized Jatin Patel’s work.

Beyond helping the USA Air Force as Health Professionals Honorary Recruiter and USA Army — Spartan Medal & Certificate of Appreciation for Medical Recruiting during his early days/career in the USA, he also contributed his free time and weekends to help communities through various non-profit and charitable organizations and projects intended to help others in need.

“Receiving an award of such high recognition signed by the President of the United States for volunteer service is beyond comparison. I sent my heartfelt gratitude for the nomination. To be more precise, I can honestly say all credit goes to my parents, family, and friends who supported me over the years. No doubt, count our forefathers and mentors who provided the inspiration and motivation to serve others,” said Jatin Patel.