Cricket For Clubs Hosts 6th Edition Inter-School Tournament Cricket For Clubs Hosts 6th Edition Inter-School Tournament

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Sixteen teams participated in the 6th edition of Cricket for Cubs Inter-School tournament held over the April 14th and April 21st 2018 weekends in Pleasanton, San Ramon, and Dublin cities in California, with 225+ players competing in elementary, middle and high school divisions playing 35 games. The number of girls participating in the tournament is growing with every edition of the tournament. There were 22 girls representing their respective teams with Fallon Middle School team fielding the most.

Below are the tournament participants, winners and runners-up, along with best player performances in each division:

Elementary Division:
Participating Teams:
Mohr Cricket Club
Kolb Cricket Club
John Green Cricket Club
Amador Cricket Club
Dougherty Cricket Club

Champions – Amador Cricket Club led by Ayush Batghare
Runner-up – John Green Cricket Club led by Akhil Venkatesh
Best Bowler – Josh Dadia, John Green Cricket Club
Best Batsman – Akhil Venkatesh, John Green Cricket Club
Best Fielder – Varish Doma, John Green Cricket Club
Most Valuable Player – Ayush Batghare, Amador Cricket Club

Middle School Division:
Participating Teams:
Fallon Middle School – 3 Teams
Hart Cricket Club
Iron Horse Cricket Club
Gale Ranch Cricket Club – 2 teams
Windmere Ranch Cricket Club

Champions – Windmere Ranch Cricket Club led by Rohan Posanipally
Runner-up – Iron Horse Cricket Club led by Nirav Rawal
Best Bowler – Danush Sivarajan, Iron Horse Cricket Club
Best Batsman – Rahul Vyas, Windmere Ranch Cricket Club
Best Fielder – Ruaan Maroo, Windmere Ranch Cricket Club
Most Valuable Player –Rohan Posanipally, Windmere Ranch Cricket Club

High School Division:
Participating Teams:
Dublin High Cricket Club
Cal High Cricket Club
Dougherty Valley Cricket Club

Champions –Dougherty Valley Cricket Club led by Rishab Jayaram
Runner-up – Dublin High Cricket Club lead by Pranav Dadi
Best Bowler – Krithin Arakula, Dougherty Valley Cricket Club
Best Batsman – Shamith Pasula, Cal High Cricket Club
Best Fielder – Harish Dukkipati, Dublin High Cricket Club
Most Valuable Player – Rishab Jayaram, Dougherty Valley Cricket Club

It was great to see Cricket for Cubs youth board members putting themselves in the driver seat and running the 6th Edition of Cricket for Cubs Inter-school tournament from planning to execution, including the closing ceremony. It was not an easy task considering this is the biggest and best edition in the journey with 16 teams and more than 225 players participating. All of the team managers and parent volunteers should be thanked for helping throughout the tournament.

When the journey started with the establishment of the non-profit organization)24 months back, one of the objectives was to prepare tomorrow’s leaders through the medium of the wonderful sport of cricket. The dream is closer to reality with four of the youth board of director members, Ajay Immadi serving as the Master-of-Ceremonies for the closing ceremony, Shamith Pasula speaking about Cricket for Cubs and it’s vision, Anish Kolan speaking about the achievements from infrastructure and other resources, and Varun Yadevilli speaking about the tournament.

Special thanks to Catharine Baker, Assemblywoman, David Haubert, Mayor, City of Dublin, Bill Clarkson, Mayor, City of San Ramon, Sridhar Verose, San Ramon Parks and Community Services Commissioner, Steve Meher, Board Member, Pleasanton Unified School District and Ken Steve Mintz, President, San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board, Prasad Kaipa advisor and coach, focusing on innovation and leadership, Anand Gundu, Chairman, Livermore Temple for being there to present trophies to the winners.

Any tournament of this magnitude is not possible without sponsors. Dr. Rinku Shrivastava was there to present the trophies on behalf of tournament sponsor KareWellMD and Samir Shah, CEO, Cyber Inc., and was there helping present the trophies. Both of whom are thanked, as well both sponsors, for the support along with the yearly sponsors Arkrit, LLC and ThinkPalm.

About Cricket for Cubs:
Established in 2016 to promote youth cricket in schools and communities at no cost to those schools or communities, successfully introduced cricket in 18 schools in Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon school districts in California, with cricket established as part of the physical education curriculum in three middle schools.
The uniqueness of the program is in each of the schools there is a year around program (32 weeks) with professional coaches training the kids in the respective schools weekly for at least one hour, with Cricket for Cubs sponsoring the complete program during the first year, Cricket for Cubs trains the PE/Athletic staff, builds the curriculum based on the school grades (Elementary, Middle and High Schools) to establish cricket as part of the P.E. curriculum in second year, and in the third year they work with school districts and respective athletic leagues to establish cricket as an athletic program.
Cricket for Cubs is working with different cities and school districts to build the cricket infrastructure shared with respective community members at no cost. Cricket for Cubs completed its first infra project, two cricket batting cages at Emerald Glen Park, Dublin partnering with City of Dublin and working on finalizing agreements with two other cities to construct cricket pitches. Additional information can be found at