cricket hall of fame coaches
New Certified Level 2 coaches posing with Michael Chambers, CEO, USA Cricket Hall of Fame and Violette Haldane, President – The West Indian Foundation after the event. Photo courtesy of Lawrence Jaggon

By Lawrence Jaggon
The interest in Youth cricket is rapidly increasing and the demand for qualified coaches is on the rise.

The lack of certified coaches in Connecticut has severely impacted the development of the game and many parents are taking notice. Michael Chambers President of the Cricket Hall of Fame and Lawrence Jaggon President of the Connecticut Premier Cricket league decided to do something about this dire situation.

Chambers reached out to the President of the West Indian foundation Violette Haldane and Jatin Patel of the American Cricket Federation for assistance. Patel is the ACF Director of coaching and his program has conducted clinics in 26 states and has trained and certified over 197 level 2 coaches since 2014, & that’s before this clinic in Windsor, CT.

Last weekend The Windsor Cricket Club and the Connecticut Premier Cricket league (CPCL) hosted one of Patel’s coaching clinic at the L P Wilson center in Windsor Connecticut.

The West Indian Foundation was the major sponsor of the event which attracted over 20 participants of men and women. Successful participants were awarded certificates of completion and are now certified Cricket coaches.

Participants are now assigned to the towns of Windsor, Bloomfield, West Hartford, South Windsor and Rocky Hill. They will impart this new found knowledge to enhance the game.

During the closing ceremony President Chambers reminded the coaches to read the book Winning Strokes and complete the mindfulness training challenge which would help in their day to day activities and it would teach them to be more alert and calm when coaching.

The town of Windsor Recreation and Leisure Services led by Director Paul Norris played a very important role in the success of the event. All the participants commended the accommodations.

Mr. Errol Archer a long time Windsor resident is now a certified level 2 coach and he was very excited about the accomplishment. Archer told the Windsor Journal that he will use this knowledge to help as many youngsters in the town of Windsor to improve their cricket skills. The West Indian Foundation led by Haldane has done an incredible job to enhance Cricket in the state.