On 6/19, Jinnah vs Panthers
Jinnah creating one of the biggest upset this season, by beating Brooklyn league last year T20 Champions Panthers. It was some brilliant captaincy by Atta Khan, that helped his team to a convincing win. Panthers batting first was all out for 129, only Nousherwan Adil with a typical aggressive 24 was the only batsman show some resistance.

Asim Pervaiz produced a match winning spell of 4 for 22 from 7 overs.

Left arm spinner Asim Pervaiz produced a match winning spell 4/22 from 7 overs, he was able to extra bounce and turn from the pitch, Jamshed Alam 2/22 from 4 overs, and Irfan Nasieem 2/37 from 7 overs, was the wicket takers for Jinnah. Jinnah 135 for 3, Ansar Rezzi batted responsible for a well played 56 not out, Jarmel Shah produced a whirlwind knock with 41 from 13 balls, Jamshed Alam contributed 20 valuable runs.
Jinnah winning by 7 wickets.

On 6/19, Warriors vs Diplomats
Warriors 157 all out in 35 overs, Ata Khan 47, Khurrum Wahla 30 from 11 balls, and Jawad Gujjar 27. Diplomats could on manage a poultry 93, bowling for  Warriors, Asad Janjua, and Jawad Gujjar picked up 3 wickets respectively, Asad Munawar captured 2 wickets.
Warriors winning by 64 runs.

On 6/19, Middlesex vs Cavaliers at Marine Park C

Middlesex is the break away faction of Cavaliers, it was clash of the Vincies. Middlesex won the toss and elected to take first strike. Openers Mark Audain and Windwards player Donwell Hector give Middlesex a fine start with an opening stand of 118, Mark Audain was the first to go with a Blazing classy inning, he made 60, Donwell Hector weathered the storm, batted aggressively for his first ton of the season, he made 119, which included 10 fours, and 4 sixes, Lester Benn played well for 34, skipper Dominic Audain was 18 not out when the inning closed.

Albert Texeira produce a fine knock of 132 for Cavaliers against Middlesex. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Bowling for Cavaliers, Bryan Henry 2/47 from 7 overs, and Haywood 2/47 from 7 overs were the successful bowlers for Cavaliers. Cavaliers 277 for 2 from 31.4 overs, it was a double hundred opening stand by Bryan Henry and former USA player Albert Texeira, Bryan Henry score a lusty 112 which included 10 fours , and 6 sixes, Albert Texeira a master class 132 not out, he played the ball to all parts of field, picking the gaps, and rotating the strike. The Middlesex bowlers had no answer to Texeira batting, his inning included 16 fours. Bowling for Middlesex, Treldon Mc Millan 1/24 from 2.4 overs, the other wicket went via the run out route.
Cavaliers winning by 8 wickets.

On 6/18, Shaheen vs Pak Kashmir
Shaheen 186 all out from 34 overs, Akram Khan 43, Ahsan 25 and Danial 25, bowling for Pak Kashmir, Zaheer Hussain 3/6 from 2 overs, Amir Butt 1/9 from 1 over, Majid Azam 1/24 from 5 overs, and Waheed Shahzad 1/21 from 3 overs. Pak Kashmir 187 for 4 from 29 overs, Afridi Jahanzad 59, , bowling for Shaheen, Akram Khan 2/20 from 7 overs,Raja 1/4 from 1 over, and Usman 1/25 from 3 overs.
Pak Kashmir winning by 4 wickets.

On 6/18, Warriors vs Queensbury
Warriors 241/8 , the polific Asad Munawar 77, Atta 35, Khurram Wahla 30 and Saahir 27 not out, bowling for Queensbury, Fitzroy Caesar 3/37, Gregory Blair 2/20, Ivor Martin 1/33 and Abdul 1/40. Queensbury 165 all out, Ivor Martin 35, Alston Michael 24, and Keenan Cujo 20, bowling for Warriors, Khurram Wahla 4/33, Zaheeh 2/34, and Jawad 2/45.
Warriors winning by 76 runs.

On 6/18, Brooklyn Knights vs Brooklyn Stars
Brooklyn Knights won the toss and took first strike, Brooklyn Knights 288 all out in 33 overs, Abdullah Syed 69, Nafees Bhutta 64, and young Waqaz Shah 45, bowling for Brooklyn Stars, Amir Bhatti 3/49, Babar Shah and Yasir Bhutta picked up 2 wickets each respectively. Brooklyn Stars 106 all out, Asim 28 and Amir 17, bowling for Brooklyn Knights, Nafees Bhutta 4/29, Abdullah Syed 3/11.
Brooklyn Knights won by 182 runs.

On 6/19, Imperial vs Bk Stars
Brooklyn Stars 138 all out, Asim Safar 53, J. Abrar 24, bowling for Imperial, Byron Mars 3/18 from 5 overs, Kester Sylvester 3/19 from 6 overs, Orient Bostic 2/37 from 7 overs. Imperial 139 for 7, Jason Williams 26, Kester Sylvester 21, bowling for Brooklyn Stars, Jazab Tariq 2/40 from 7 overs, and M.Yasir 2/26 from 4 overs.
Imperial winning by 3 wickets.

On 6/19, Grenada vs Punjab
Grenada 211 for 5 in 35 overs, Reggie Murray 98 not out, Daniel Alexander 73, Zafar Khan 3/22 from 7 overs. Punjab 214 for 4 in 27 overs, Bilal Ahmed 72, Zafar Khan promoted to open the innings got 45, Qasim Javed 25 not out.
Punjab won by 6 wickets.