Pictured left to right at the ribbon cutting ceremony are Jatin Patel, Dwayne Bravo and the Patel family. Photos courtesy of Anukul Creations Photography

Cartersville, GA: Legendary West Indian all-rounder Dwayne J. Bravo, popularly known as Champion, inaugurated ‘Champion Way’ – the road leading to the Paramveers Cricket Complex in Cartersville – Rydal (North of Atlanta, GA) recently.

The owners of the Paramveers Cricket Complex, Jayesh Patel and Sima Patel, and the Paramveers Management were at the ceremony, anchored by the USA Cricket Hall of Famer Jatin Patel.

During the inauguration, the Champion said: “I am so happy to be part of this project that I want to thank Mr. Patel for inviting me here this afternoon. We cricketers sometimes discuss among ourselves the possibility of the game growing in the US, the largest sports market in the world, and what kind of impact it will have on the game and the players. And seeing Mr. Patel’s dream and vision, I can say that cricket in the US is on the growth path. I think this is the right step. My fellow teammates, the likes of Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, and Andre Russell, are very committed to seeing cricket develop in the US. I think what Mr. Patel is doing is an excellent step towards that.

“I know there’s a lot of work to be done, but in life, once you have a vision and you have a dream, anything is possible, and that’s the most important thing. Mr. Patel, I firmly believe you’re on the right track. I feel privileged and honored to be one of very few cricketers you invited here this afternoon,” added Bravo.

Mr. Patel has the vision to make this facility the most popular and unique cricket complex in the world. He wants this facility to be known worldwide as the first family-owned unique sports complex in the USA that benefits cricket and many other sports for generations to come. It’s like a dream come true for the Patels. They have assembled a highly professional team with extensive expertise and experience working on this project towards quality outcomes.

The advisory panel of the Paramveers Cricket Complex includes former BCCI curator Dhiraj Prasanna, who has three decades of curating experience; Jatin Patel, a multi-sports coach working as a project consultant; Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Melton Taylor; and the renowned Samuel Plummer, who oversees the project. Taylor leads the facility development, including turf pitches and grounds. The panel also includes Dr. Jagmohan Viroja and dependable administrators Suren Gandavaram and Pramod Pawar, who handles the complex’s day-to-day operations.

Dwayne Bravo is presented with a jersey by Jayesh Patel.

The Paramveers Cricket Complex is now close to 60 acres, with the recent expansion added to the original 40-plus acres facility during 2021. Privately owned by Jayesh, Sima, and Param Patel, this complex has been a dedicated home of Paramveers Cricket Club since 2014. The facility also houses the youth academy established primarily for developing the game among the younger generation in the region. The facility consists of six full-size cricket grounds (80 yards boundaries). It is designed to make it one of the major cricket facilities in the Southeastern part of the United States.

Plans are underway to build an international standard facility with a pavilion and clubhouse equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. The Paramveers Cricket Complex can very well be one of North America’s best modern technology-equipped cricket facilities. The management is also looking to finish five turf pitches this summer with the ambition to make it one of the few international cricket venues in the US capable of hosting national or international cricket events. The Paramveers family, which has been involved in the hospitality business for thirty-plus years, also owns a large cricket facility in South Gujarat, India.

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