None other than recently discarded West Indies fast bowler Jermaine Lawson is helping launch the 2010 New York season which gets cracking this current weekend with the lucrative Sam’s Food Stores Twenty20 showdown currently underway at Whitestone Park in the Bronx.

Former Windies pacer Jermaine Lawson. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Lawson has had issues with the West Indies and Jamaican selectors since he was ordered to have remedial work on his action by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The paceman who famously bowled West Indies to victory over Australia seven years ago with a devastating spell in Antigua, is the latest West Indian to turn his attention to United States competition after his home team turned its back on him.

Lawson is carrying Enforcers challenge for the bumper first prize of $5000 in which seven other teams are in contention. The two-day competition which starts today (April 10) with the preliminaries and conludes Sunday with the semi-finals and final, l also features fast rising T20 specialist New York side Destroyers which emerged with a bang last year. Sam’s All Stars, Strikers, Bolling Brook, Pak America, Punjab and Prince are the other teams.

A number of United States senior and junior team players are in action including Kevin Darlington, Clain Williams and Akeem Dodson for the Guyana flavored Destroyers and Glen Hall and Oneil Powell for the mostly Jamaica.

New York Destroyers
Barrington Bartley, Theron Blair, Manraj Seepersaud, Azeemuddin Khan, George Adams, Akeem Dodson, Zaheer Saffie, Dwayne Smith, Kevin Darlington, Clain Williams, Dennis Evans, Javain Thomas, Andrew Gonsalves, Twain Walter, Khaleem Bux.

Enforcers Cricket Club
Oniel Powell, Rohan Alexander, Kevin Baugh, Steve Pitter, Patick Atkinson, O. Spencer, Ryan Smith, Glen Hall, Jermaine Lawson, Damion Morgan, Ron Andrew, Dwayne Walter, Domaind Sangster, Joe Allen, Eustace Tonge.

Strikers Cricket Club
Sarmad Khan(C), Shabaz Ahmed, Ijaz A. Butt, Mohammad Nadir, Fahad Sultan, Mohammad Imran, Nainnesh Patel, Fazeh Abbasi, Adil Ali, Sudesh Dhaniram, Vijay Seanarione, Noman Ifthikhar, Waheed Akhter, Qayyam Farouk, and Ricky Kissoon.

Asher Mehdi, M. Balal, Fahed Baber, Moin Babar, Wasim Khan, M. Nasir, Manan Patel, Q. Cheema, Imran Cheema, Usman Shuja, Rashid Afzal, H. Imran, C, Usman.

Bilal Ahmed, Abdullah Hafeez, Adnan Nasim, Abdullah, Saqib Saleemi, Zafar Khan, Mian Waseem, Babar Riaz, Naeem Arif, Kevin George, Anthony (Blade), Adam Sanford, Sylester, Mark Audadin, Kapras Davis.

Sabir Ali(C), Asad Hussain, Wahab Munir, Abid Mian, Akhil Pathan, Asim, Mohammad Razzaq, Ali Zar, Sarosh, Amir Mushtaq, Illyas Ali, Salem, Qamar Shehzad, Hunain Munir, M. Asif.

Irfan Nasim, Ali Cheema, Fahad Mahmood, Waseem Arif, Mohammad Asad Ghose, Mushaid Akhtar, Farrukh Saleem, Raheal Saleem, Kamran Khan, Jahanzaib Afridi, Amir Ch., Junaid Ch., Jahanzaib Ch., Mohammad Ajmal.

M. Afzal, Prassana Ramaswamy, Shahid Shehzad, Fazal Alam, M. Zeeshan, Hashim Khan, Sharaz Baksh, Laxman Sanichar, Shreenath Rajagopalan, Praneeth Reddy, Krishna Vasist, Chad Munore, Qasim Butt, Raja Ali, Ashraf Sadik Topia.

Abdullah Abdullah Hafeez Abid Mian Adam Sanford Adil Ali Adnan Nasim Akeem Dodson Akhil Pathan Ali Cheema Ali Zar Amir Ch. Amir Mushtaq and Ricky Kissoon. and Ricky Kissoon. BOLLING BROOK CRICKET CLUB Asher Mehdi Andrew Gonsalves Anthony (Blade) Asad Hussain Ashraf Sadik Topia. Asim Azeemuddin Khan Babar Riaz C Chad Munore Clain Williams Damion Morgan Dennis Evans Domaind Sangster Dwayne Smith Dwayne Walter Eustace Tonge. Strikers Cricket Club Sarmad Khan(C) Fahad Mahmood Fahad Sultan Fahed Baber Farrukh Saleem Fazal Alam Fazeh Abbasi George Adams Glen Hall Hashim Khan Hunain Munir Ijaz A. Butt Illyas Ali Imran Cheema Jahanzaib Afridi Jahanzaib Ch. Javain Thomas Jermaine Lawson Joe Allen Junaid Ch. Kamran Khan Kapras Davis. PAK AMERICA CRICKET CLUB Sabir Ali(C) Kevin Baugh Kevin Darlington Kevin George Khaleem Bux Khaleem Bux. Enforcers Cricket Club Oniel Powell Krishna Vasist Laxman Sanichar M. Asif. PRINCE CRICKET CLUB Irfan Nasim M. Balal M. Nasir M. Zeeshan Manan Patel Mark Audadin Mian Waseem Mohammad Ajmal. SAM'S ALL STAR CRICKET CLUB M. Afzal Mohammad Asad Ghose Mohammad Imran Mohammad Nadir Mohammad Razzaq Moin Babar Mushaid Akhtar Naeem Arif Nainnesh Patel New York Destroyers Barrington Bartley Noman Ifthikhar O. Spencer Patick Atkinson Praneeth Reddy Prassana Ramaswamy Q. Cheema Qamar Shehzad Qasim Butt Qayyam Farouk Raheal Saleem Raja Ali Rashid Afzal Rohan Alexander Ron Andrew Ryan Smith Salem Saqib Saleemi Sarmad Khan(C) Sarosh Shabaz Ahmed Shahid Shehzad Sharaz Baksh Steve Pitter Sudesh Dhaniram Sylester Twain Walter Usman Shuja Usman. PUNJAB CRICKET CLUB Bilal Ahmed Vijay Seanarione Wahab Munir Waheed Akhter Waseem Arif Wasim Khan Zafar Khan Zaheer Saffie