After scoring a hundred in the USA Cricket trials, we caught up with Fahad Babar and asked him a few questions, about his determination to make a comeback into the USA national team, scoring a century in the ICC match trials, and about the inaugural Caribbean Premier League in the USA.

Fahad Babar at the USA Cricket trials in Florida earlier this month. Photo by Jayden Higgins

Fahad Babar at the USA Cricket trials in Florida earlier this month. Photo by Jayden Higgins

What was it like batting so long on a hot day in Florida?
As soon as I landed in Florida, I knew the conditions were going to be tough. However, I had prepared myself well, before coming to the trials. I was running three miles four times a week, which really helped me increase my fitness to the next level.

Were you determined to do well at the match trials since you weren’t included in the ICC Americas team that participated in the WICB Tournament?
Yes, I was really determined to perform well at the trials and yes, that was on my mind since I wasn’t selected for the Nagico Super 50 earlier this year. I guess at that time it wasn’t my time, but hopefully this year I will work harder and secure a spot by performing well.

Your thoughts on that unbeaten ton during the trial?
Scoring a ton is always something I cherish, because it gives you that boost in confidence and helps you stay longer at the wicket. I loved it.

What advice did you get from any CPL player, and what was it?
I had a little chat with Brendon McCullum and he told me to believe in myself and play fearless. I am a firm believer that by performing well, you can cement your place in your team. So far, in my whole cricketing career, I have made my spot on the team by performing well. I am always hungry for runs and I remember one piece of advice from former US captain Steve Massiah, that if you stay at the crease runs will definitely come, and so far that has been the case with me.

Your thoughts of the other 29 players that were at the trials.
I saw all the players that were at the trials were giving their best in the hot conditions. We all knew each other from before, and we all knew our strengths and weaknesses, but it was fun and I think everybody gave their best and showed their skills.

Do you think the Caribbean Premier league should return to the USA next year?
CPL should definitely visit USA next year. It’s very good exposure for us and we have learned a lot during that one week.

As a USA player do you have any suggestion to CPL for next year’s tournament?
As a USA player, I think the CPL has helped us a lot during the one week in Florida. We would love to see them back again next year.