The first of the three T20 games in the First American Indo-Pak Cup Tournament will be held on June 9, 2015 at Laurel Hill County Park in Secaucus, New Jersey, starting at 6:30pm

The tournament will showcase the best Indian and Pakistani players from local leagues in the New York and New Jersey areas and gives an opportunity to players who don’t get representation at the regional and national levels.

Team India will be managed by Kapil Khanna who plays for South Gujarat Cricket Club in the Cricket League of New Jersey, while Team Pakistan will be led by Tamoor Haider, captain of NY Rebels Cricket Club in the American Cricket League in Brooklyn. The 20-man squad for each team will be announced on June 1st by the organizing committee.

The American Indo-Pak Cup Tournament aims to revive the famous India-Pakistan rivalry at the local club levels while giving top players from the area a chance to play with each other. The First American Indo-Pak Cup is proudly sponsored by the firm MWIDM Technology as well as the Somerset Cricket Club of New Jersey.