By Sam Sooppersaud
Cricket fans, over the past two weekends have gained a wet appetite for cricket with, at least, three very exciting T20 cricket games, in two annual tournaments.

Firstly, on Saturday, August 6th, hundreds of you turned out at the Baisley Pond Park Cricket Field, to be entertained in the Guyana Tri-County Games. Two games were played. In the first game Guyana defeated Essequibo. They took on the reigning champions Demerara, in the finals.

Demerara lost the game on the last ball bowled for the day. With rain threatening, Guyana was two runs short according to the Duckworth/Lewis calculation.  A wide was called. One run needed with the drizzle getting heavier. The next, and incidentally, last ball of the day, was dispatched to the boundary. Berbice became the 2016 Guyana Tri-County Champions.

Then, on Saturday, August, 13th, the 26th Annual Indo-Caribbean Federation Trophy Game was played at the same venue. (Baisley Pond Park). Guyana took on a strong Invitational XI. Again, this was a game that “took one’s breath away”. It was excitement galore, at the park. Again, this game was decided on the last ball of the day. The score was tied. Last ball. Would we get a Super Over! A batsman at the crease on 97. Invitational XI needed one run for victory. Imagine the nail-biting that was going on! The last ball was dispatched for a boundary. Invitational Xl won by three runs, and the batsman Rafeek Nazeer got his ton.

Well, cricket fans, if you still have a “strong heart” after the past two weekends of watching some pulsating cricket, then, once again, I am promising another weekend of excitement at the cricket park. Again, Baisley Pond Park, 150 Street and Baisley Boulevard, Queens, New York. Saturday, August, 20th, beginning at 10:00 AM. Check with you doctor. Be sure your blood pressure is stable, your pulse rate is steady, and the “old ticker” is in rhythm.

At the end of the sixth and final preliminary round, both Pakistan and Bangladesh ended up on 20 points. Guyana was next with 15 points. But because Pakistan had a better Net Run Rate than Bangladesh, they automatically advanced to the Finals. Therefore, Guyana will take on Bangladesh in the Semi-Finals. This starts at 10:00 AM. Then at 2:00 P.M, the winner will do battle with the very exciting Pakistan squad.

All three teams have been playing excellent cricket. They will be going all out to wrest the coveted Rockaway T20 Trophy. Don’t you dare miss out on these games!

A recap of the Tournament:
Round 1 Results                                             MVP                      Performances
Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by 61 runs       Ahmad Bilal           5 wkts for 13 runs
Guyana over Trinidad & Tobago                       Michael Noble       5 wkts for 14 runs
Round 2 Results
Bangladesh defeated T & T by 34 runs            M. Shaheen           46 runs
Pakistan defeated Guyana by 97 runs              Abdullah Syed      80 runs
Round 3 Results
Guyana over Bangladesh                                   Karan Ganesh         50 runs: 2 for 9 runs
T & T over Pakistan by 2 wickets                     Daryl Roopchand   50 runs
Round 4 Results
Guyana defeated T & T by 41 runs                   Mark Tyrell              3 wkts for 22 runs
Bangladesh defeated Pakistan by 6 wkts       MD Kamruzzman    4 wkts for 21 runs
Round 5 Results
Bangladesh over T&T by n71 runs                   Arif Islam                 36 runs: 2 for 26
Pakistan over Guyana by 4 wkts                      Abdullah Syed         42 runs
Round 6 Results
Bangladesh defeated Guyana                            Syed Hussain          5 wkts for 34 runs
Pakistan defeated T & T                                     Umar Farooq           98 runs N.O.

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2016
10:00 AM Bangladesh vs Guyana Semi-Finals
2:00 PM Pakistan vs Winners of Semi=Finals.