By Morris Seecharan
On Saturday May 28, 2011 the Hargo Memorial Cup was launched at the Roy Wilkinson Park, by current, former, and new addition of the Sunrise cricket family, Mr. Hargo’s sons, Anupe and Anand Singh, close relatives and friends in remembrance of the late Mr. Hargobin Singh.  Mr. Hargo, who passed away, last year April 3, 2010 was a self-sacrificing man, who is authentic in all his dealings with others.

The late Mr. Hargobin Singh. Photos by Loretta Cheong

It was fitting to plant this seed to mark this event in loving memory of Mr. Hargo an icon friend, teammates, father and a stalwart for our community at large.  Mr. Hargo was a dignified leader and his contributions in his life had no boundaries. He truly earned the stature of someone that we will continue to celebrate, glorify and remember so the many great deeds he sewed in life will be crusaded for years to come and  others to follow and make it part of their lives.

Mr. Hargo was one of the pillars for softball cricket in New York worked with the WISA and the NYS League laying the foundation for softball cricket.  Mr. Hargo was a man that NYS League management looked up to for advice, and always tells it like it is. He was a man of great conviction, a leading and exemplified member of the leagues disciplinary committee for over a decade; an exceptional planner/organizer and was the master of Ceremony for several of NYS League’s presentation ceremonies.

Most significantly was Mr. Hargo contributions to the Sunrise Cricket club that he founded and managed for ten years. His ambition in starting the Sunrise club was young players to develop and shaped their personalities through sports.  He cared for his players not only in the capacity of cricket but was available for personal advice and guidance.  He was not just a manger to his players but a friend and mentor.  Above all his steadfast loyalty and principles is the light that still guides the Sunrise team.   Mr. Hargo will never be replaced, but has established a strong foundation for the Sunrise cricket club that his current mangers and players continues to built on making this club a protégé.

Both teams posed for a photo before the game.

The main event on this day was a 20/Twenty match between Hargo All Star and Hargo Eleven made up of current, former, and new members of the Sunrise cricket family. Avinash Persaud a youngster that grew up in Sunrise under Mr. Hargo and a key individual in planning this event was given the opportunity to captain Hargo Eleven, as Deryck Basdeo current Sunrise captain was given the opportunity to captain Hargo All Stars. Hargo Eleven won the toss and elected to bat opening with Selwyn Cheong and Ryan Ramjas.  Kalif Salim opened the bowling attack for Hargo All Stars and looked sharp. Khemraj Somaru was next in the rotation and his first two deliveries kept Cheong on the defensive as his ball was moving away to the offside.

In the 3rd delivery his ball movement was proven too fast picking up Cheong off stump as Hargo Eleven was 1 for 5. Kemraj in the last delivery of the over have Deodat Boodan caught brilliantly behind by Wahab and at the end of the second over Hargo Eleven were 2 for 6 as Khemraj picked up two maiden wickets. Andrew Hanif joined Ryan as Kalif 2nd delivery of his 2nd over remove Ryan as he was caught at long on and in his next delivery cleaned bowled Andrew as the score read 4 for 6 at the end of the 4th over. At this point it looked like a bowling duel between Kalif and Khemraj with Hargo Eleven in serious trouble.

The victorious Hargo All Stars poses with awards.

Terry Sital and Anand Singh were faced with pressure to stabilize their team batting. Anand was able to pick up a single and triple off Somaru, but Khemraj was not settling for 2 wickets as he had Terry Sital caught behind.  Suren Shaw came in and looked posed hitting a boundary off Khemraj to get off the mark. In Kalif 1st delivery of his 3rd over he bowled Anand for 4 equaling his wickets total to 3 with Khemraj as the score read 6 for 15 at the end of 5 overs.  It was clear to all that Kalif and Khemraj had their eyes set on the bowling trophies that were displayed. These two blowers were penetrating and deadly as the Hargo Eleven players was having trouble playing them.  Khemraj in his 1st delivery of his 3rd over removed the off stump of Suren as he shook his head and walk away respecting that Khemraj bowling was superb as the score reads 7 for 16.

Hargo Eleven players were in disbelief and shocked to see their good batsman being taken apart by Kalif and Kemraj. With their hopes on the brinks of dissipating, Avinash and Ricky Deenu try to slow thing up batting defensively playing out Khemraj. Avinash defense was not so strong as the ball some way find to hit his stumps and Kalif level the total wickets with Somaru with 4 a piece.  Kris Narine a veteran of Sunrise cricket club came in hit flurries of boundaries making a quick 12 as he edged a ball of the bowling of Leonardo Vasquez in 10th over and the score at 34. Hargo Eleven down to their last out hoped that Ricky joined by Tyrone Singh would be able to survive now that Kalif and Khemraj were bowled out. Tyrone batted cautiously along with Ricky as they built the only partnership of the game. Tyron lead the comeback hitting timely boundary as they batted to the 16 over and Ricky was caught for 7 off Nyan in the 16th overs.  Tyrone made an important 20 not out and helped Hargo Eleven to a total of 64 all out.

Anupe, son of Hargobin Singh collects a thank you plaque from Loretta Cheong.

In reply Hargo All Stars open their batting with Leonardo Vasquez and young Alex Hussein as they were faced by Suren Shaw. These two batsmen showed no mercy to Suren as he was blasted for 21 runs and most notably he was tagged by young Alex for a six and four. It was joy to watch young Alex confidence as he slugged away. Vasquez was brilliant as he lead Alex who was caught for 12 off the bowling of Kris Narine with score at 34. Kris in his next over had Kalif who was in contention for man of the match clean bowled. Khemraj Somaru was given the opportunity to bat and was able to stay and stabilize the batting. Khemraj batted safely giving the strike to Vazquez as they managed to work toward the Hargo Eleven total. Kris meant business as he bowled Vazquez for 20 to with score 3 for 45 in 5th over.  Khemraj was joined by Roopnarine Dayal who was caught off the bowling of Suren Sawh leaving the score to 49 for 4. Khemraj who was resilient was joined by Seeram Persaud who made 12 not out blast a double and 2 quick boundaries bringing the score to 65 for 4 in 8.3 over as Hargo All Star takes the first game of the Hargobin Singh’s memorial cup.

For the award presentation K &F Constructions Service Corp president Sunil Rambharose wanted both teams Hargo Eleven and Hargo All Stars feel like winners as he sponsored 2 bowling and 2 batting trophies.

All star captain Deryck Basdeo collects the winning trophy from Mala Singh.

For the best bowler trophy for Hargo all Stars it was a tight race as Kalif Salim took 4 for 13 edging Khemraj b y 1 runs. While Kris Narine of Hargo Eleven showed that he still is full of bowling picking up the best bowler award with 3 for 17. The best batsman for Hargo All Stars went to Leonardo Vasquez with 20 runs laying the batting foundation for his team. While Tyron Sigh made 20 runs not out taking the best batsmen trophy for Hargo Eleven and helping his team to a meaningful  score.

The man of the match trophy which was sponsored by CricketZone (Ravi Etwaroo) was grabbed by Khemraj Somaru whose dynamite bowling of 4 overs, 2 maiden , 14 run and 4 wickets  topped by patience batting to the end for Hargo All Star victory.

Special thanks to the contributor of the trophies , food & drinks, the players &  supporters, JP Singh for his financial contribution, and most importantly the Hargobin Family for contributing the cup, and allowing the Sunrise family to take the lead in launching this event. The atmosphere throughout this memorial event was festive, filled with tranquility and adoration for a man who influenced all of our lives and showed that,” Life is the sum of Choices “and we must consider more fully the consequences of our actions before we act.

Raj receives the man of the match award from Anupe Singh.