Players that participated. Photos by Loretta Cheong

By Morris Seecharan

On Sunday May 27, 2012 the late Mr. Hargobin Singh was honored at the 2nd Memorial event at Roy Wilkinson’s Park for the great leader, mentor and sacrificing person he was. Mr. Hargo embodied all the qualities of great leader and was inspirational. He was honest and responsible as a good leader did not pass the buck or blame other people – he dealt with situations that arise and take responsibility for the results.

Mr. Hargo was confident and teaches other to believe in one self. He also was reliable and taught us to be decisive. Hey taught us not to waffle and see-saw on decisions. Go through this exactly once: gather relevant information, gather input from your charges, and make a safe and reasonable decision based on the information that you have available. Never second-guess yourself unless new and important information is available. Most striking was his humility/humanistic personality as he was not self-promoting and gave credit and don’t take all.

Hargo Supersonics captain Sunil (right) collects the winning trophy.

It was a large gathering made up of Mr. Hargo’s family, friends, and his Sunrise cricket family as the day was filled with special programs. One of the key agenda in the planning of this event was the high emphasis placed on making this memorial a family event and most importantly giving priority to kids. Mr. Hargo founded the Sunrise cricket club under the idea of giving youngsters an opportunity to play and learn cricket so having a program especially for young kid was fitting. For the numerous kids presented a program of sports agenda was planned so they compete and win awards/prices.

They were treated with games of Tug o War, Sack Race, Lime and Spoon, Three legged Race, Track and field, Volleyball, Soccer, Kite Flying and more.  With each games/races there was special trophies and prices presented to 1st through 3rd places winners. There were kids as young as two year and up competing with great enthusiasm and displayed an abundance of joy. The kids who were winners of these games were thrilled with elation and competed with great sportsmanship. For parents watching and helping with the part of the day’s functions the verdict that it was the best part of their day. In interviewing some of these kids their feedback during the games was they can’t wait for the next game and when it was over their reaction was lets’ it do all over. Our kids are most precious and paramount to us all and it was fitting that they were acknowledge and was the center of attention.

Deryck Basdeo (right) receives the runner-up trophy from Vishnu Singh.

Another important event of the day’s program was a cricket competition with the format of a knockout game between Hargo Eleven captain by Avinash Persaud one of the young pillars of the Sunrise cricket family, and Hargo Supersonics captain by Sunil of Tbros and a good friend of the Sunrise cricket family. The winner of this knockout game advanced to play in the final with Hargo All-stars, Captain by Deryck Basdeo the winner of the Hargo 2011 Memorial cup.

Hargo Eleven batted first as Rudy and Avichal Singh opened taking the score to 28 for fall of the 1st wicket. Avichal an original young member that started the Sunrise cricket club lead his team batting up to 10 overs half taking the score to 63 for 4. Wickets were falling regularly while the score was ticking. Satesh was instrumental in his team batting as he joined Avichal who top score with 27 runs. Satesh had a solid 25 runs knock while Ishwar Singh, the late Mr. Hargo younger brother of Canada contributed an important 23 runs inning not out as Hargo Eleven posted 138 runs in their allotted 20 overs and a competitive score. Anils of Hargo’s Supersonics lead his team bowling with 4 wickets.

In reply Hargo Supersonics opened with Dave and Krishna as Javed struck early removing Dave in the 1st over with the score at 2. Elvis joined Krishna as they both stabled the batting for Supersonics taking the score to 52 for 1 in the 10th over as Hargo Eleven defense looked sharp. Krishna and Elvis had an important partnership as Krishna departed for 26 with the score at 53. Anil came in and had an important partnership for the Supersonic as Ryan bowled Elvis who top score with 42 runs. Javed had Anil caught for 24 as the Hargo eleven look like they have control over this game. However Supersonics was able to capitalized with some big overs toward the end of game and with 10 runs needed in last over Sunil and Vicky reached Hargo Eleven target making 139 advancing Hargo Supersonics to final against Hargo All Stars

Alex collects his award.

In the final Hargo Supersonics batted firs with Krishna and Prem facing Rohit Kowlesser and Kris Narine with success at first. However Rohit struck in his second over removing both opening pairs with the score 20 for 2. Rohan Kowlesser would joined in the attack and in his first over had Andy caught while Paul blasted a quick 19 runs as he was removed by Alvin Bharrat. Amit blasted another quick 19 runs as he was removed by Rohan. With fast runs scoring at the same time Hargo All Stars was picking up the wickets and at 10 overs Hargo Supersonics was 78 for 7 and seemed to be in trouble. Paul batting at number 7 was able stable the batting for his team top score with 20 run but Hargo All Stars was relentless in taking wickets. At the 16 over Hargo Supersonics was 103 for 10 but with 12 man batting to have all player involved Rafeek batting at number 12 with Sunil brought the score 127 for 11 in 19.1 overs which looks like a gettable score for Hargo All Star.  Rohan Kowlesser led Hargo All Stars bowling with 4 wicket haul.

Roopnarine Dayal, and Deryck Basdeo opened for Hargo All Stars and they raced the score to 33 as Deryck was run out in the 5th over with the score 33. Alvin Bharrat joined Dayal who looked sharp with his cover drive bust was caught brilliantly at cover with the score at 43 for 2 in the 7th. Selwyn Cheong joined Alvin as they took control taking the score to 60 for 2 in the 10 overs and all looks well for Hargo All Stars. Surprisingly in the 11 over Cheong was run out as another quick wicket was lost as the score read 62 for 4. Shockingly it did not stop there as Hargo Supersonics brilliantly raked up another 4 quick wickets putting Hargo All Stars in a hole with the score 78 for 8 in the 16 overs. Hargo All stars lost 6 wickets for 18 runs and as Hargo Supersonic was ready for the kill. However Rohan and Alex Hussain staged a comeback as young Alex was stubborn and brilliant with the bat. In the 19 over Rohan was caught with the score 102 for 9. Alex was resilient and took the score to 114 but the overs ran out. Alex showed a big bat for a youngster and took big bowlers over the boundary for 6 as he makes an important 14 runs not out earning the best batsman trophy for Hargo All Stars.

Anil receives his award from Surugpaul Singh.

The Hargo Supersonics team showed character as they staged of Hargo All Star winning the Hargo Memorial cup for 2012. This bunch of guys played hard and was elated for the win and was congratulated. Sunil Supersonics captain conveyed his thanks and gratitude on behalf his Hargo Supersonics team. As he said, “it was indeed a privilege in playing in the Hargo Memorial event among such family fun, festive and solitude environment”. The Supersonics team showed great joy and happiness and they came out on top.

The presentation ceremony was the closing highlight of the day’s program as the Bauburam’s family whole heartily ensure that players was reward from both games. Also the New York Softball Cricket League president Eric Ferrier makes sure the runner up team was rewarded as the NYSCL sponsored that trophy.

For the Knockout Game: Best Bowler: Anil 4 wickets [Hargo Supersonics], Paul 2 wickets [Hargo Eleven]; Best Batsman: Elvis 42 runs [Hargo Supersonics]; Avichal 27 runs [Hargo Eleven].

For the Final Game: Best Bowler: Rohan Kowlesser 4 wickets [Hargo All Stars], Amit 2 wickets [Hargo Supersonics]; Best Batsman: Paul 20 runs [Hargo Supersonics], Alex Hussain 14 runs (not out) [Hargo Super Stars]

First and foremost special thanks to the umpires for the games Mr. Narotam, Massiah, and Sharma. They took charge of the games and kept it under control which was highly appreciated by all.

There are many thanks from Mr. Hargo son’s Anupe and Anand Singh as they provided all the Drinks for the day. For the diversified and abundance of Foods this would not be possible without the full support of the Sunrise cricket family including Avinash Persaud and his squad, Sunil of Tbros and his squad, Kaieteur Liberty Restaurant, and our friends. Special thanks to Antonio Dallai for the many fun games he bought for the kids and Ravi of Cricket Zone for the kid’s trophy, Loretta Cheong for organizing the kid’s games, and for photography. Special thanks to the Bauburam’s for their commitment in sponsoring all of the players and the 3rd place team participation trophies, and Mr. Eric Ferrier and the NYSCL for sponsoring the 2nd place cup.

Also thanks to Ravi and Cricket Zone for arranging such beautiful selection of trophies handed out that day. Without no doubt Selwyn Cheong was the architect of all the logistic on that day from setting up the wickets, the food, tables chairs, he got the guys to be there on time and make it all happened. I personally thank Cheong for his continued leadership, support and hard work. Finally all that was there without you this event would not be a success, most importantly your compassion, support and respect toward each other’s and the Late Mr. Hargobin Singh which was paramount so sincere respect and the world of thanks you to all. Life is a self fulfilling prophecy; you get what you expect-so expect the best. We expected the nothing but the best from everyone and that’s’ what we got.

Kids participating in the three leg race.