Harold Deokinanan fourth from left collects his player of the year award.

Sunrise Cricket Club Annual Awards And Dinner | Photo Gallery
By Morris Seecharan
During the holidays, the Sunrise Softball cricket club, sponsored by Kaieteur Liberty Restaurant and Bar, Hansa Engineering Services and Anil’s Construction held their Annual 2014 dinner presentation of awards and dance night at their favorite’s Queens Buffet restaurant.  Following the principles of their club and the tradition of rewarding all their members, families, sponsors, and supporters the Sunrise Softball cricket club celebrated their 2014 achievements not only of the cricket field, but of off the field.

Sunrise 2014 season was good as they made the playoffs in all of the 2014 NYSCL competitions, and was the First Runner up in the T20 competition; this band of brothers pride their successes in 2014 for the many donations/contributions they made off the fields to their communities. That exclusive night, the elegant trophies, medals, and gifts handed at this event attain its purpose as elated members with their families and friends had an enjoyable time. This lot of members with their friends and families who were present at the various matches and events deserves the delicious food, and quality merriment offered to them.

Harold Deokinanan collects the best bowler award.

The presentation of trophies to the Members of the 2014 Team for their hard work, commitments and contributions in making the 2014 season exciting and successful was the first item on the program. That bunch of members demonstrated the true meaning of “Together we Shines” as they were industrious in attaining their goals and their staunched efforts should be applauded. Most importantly, the Sole of Sunrise is its Members, who are the foundation and pillars.  Also, they are the parts of the engine which keeps Sunrise moving, and the shining lights that guide Sunrise on the right path. In addition, most notable was having the Members trophies handed out by their wives were significant. Sunrise member’s wives unwavered support and dedications towards the Sunrise club is remarkably insightful. Not only the Sunrise Softball Cricket Club wives and mother supports the club cricket efforts but are at the center of Sunrise community works. Most fitting, immediately after the member’s awards presentation, Sunrise recognized all the Sunrise wives and mothers by thanking them with a beautiful holiday basket of Avon products, which was put together Mrs. Jackie Dallai, and Mrs. Rohoni Seecharan to whom they are very thankful.

The 2014 Season First Runner-up awards were next on the program. The winners for this category worked hard on the field and their efforts were recognized and applauded. The first Runner up for bowling was: Bowling Average/Strike Rate Safraz Mohamed at 18.53, Best Bowling figure in a match Harold Deokinanan 5 for 29 against Essequibo, Most Wickets Alix Hussain 21. The first Runner-Up for Batting was: Batting Average Antonio Dallai 16.38, Highest Individual score Roopnarine Dayal, 56 and Batting Aggregate Antonio Dayal 344 runs.

One of Sunrise prides of awards at their annual award presentation ceremony is the special recognition category. This category of awards gives Sunrise to show their appreciation for the support, commitment and hard work to their members and sponsors. The following are the awards for the special category: Mr. Ramchand was awarded Most Discipline Player for 2014. Ramchand shows the true spirit of sportsman as he never leaves home with the intentions that he must play on game day. His discipline personality towards his teammates and team is simple. In his own words he states, “Let’s select the best team to compete”. The Most Dedicated/outstanding member goes to Ramesh Gopaul, Sunrise treasurer. Ramesh dedication to Sunrise is the strongest, always present at all games, and present at all meetings and Sunrise matters. The All Round/Leadership award goes to Kris Narine. Kris, is one of the longest standing member of Sunrise and been around since the club started. Kris is a strong believer of giving the young members a chance to play which is Sunrise mission. Most importantly, his abilities to be a positive mentor for the youth members are inspiring. Safraz Mohamed was awarded the most improved player’s for 2014. Safraz, one of the youth members for Sunrise lifted his cricket abilities in batting and bowling, and was very instrumental in making a difference for 2014.

Antonio Dallai recieves the highest individual score award.

In addition, Sunrise shows special gratitude and appreciation towards their sponsors. Theirs positive, proactive, forthright, and steadfast conviction/commitment in helping to make difference in cricket a game of our culture is tremendous. Rabindranauth Koobial the owner of Kaieteur Liberty restaurant located at 120th Street and Liberty Avenue was recognized and thanked for sponsoring Sunrise 2014 registration with the NYSCL; Mr. Hansa of Hansa Engineers Services was recognized and thanked for sponsoring Sunrise 2014 uniforms. Also, Mr. Anil Sitaram of Anil’s Constructions was recognized and thanked for his sponsoring of Sunrise 2014 Florida tour and Sunrise Family/Hargo Singh Memorial day trophies and hats for the players. Sunrise success is attributed to their sponsors, whose intuition of making a difference lays the strong foundation which makes Sunrise shine on and off the cricket filed. Sunrise highly appreciate the continued support and dedication.

For that night the top awards for Sunrise 2014 season was long awaited as the winners collected their well-deserved trophies with pride and enthusiasm. All the winners were magnificent for the season and see their hard work paid off. It must be noted that some of Sunrise winners win top awards in NYSCL as well. The 2014 winner for Best Bowling Average/Strike Rate went to Harold Deokinanan with 9.6. While Deryck Basedo won the Best Bowling figures in a match with 6 for 10 against Essequibo.  Harold Deokinanan also won the Most Wickets with 43, and was by far the best bowler. In the batting department the winner for the Best Batting Average went to Wahab Hussain with 19.68, and Antonio Dayal lead with the Highest Individual score with 86 against West Dem. To top of the batting awards for that night Wahab Hussain was the winner for the Highest Batting Aggregate with 374 runs was certainly Sunrise best batsman for the 2014 season.

The drawing of the team’s fund raising raffle was joyful item on the night’s program. The buzz of winnings filled the air and the serenity that prevailed informed the organizers that the members in the audience wanted to be winners.  The following numbers were winners 2543, 0062, 0209, 1532, 2297, 0745, 0793, and 1841. Some of the numbers drawn belonged to individuals in the audience so the prizes were presented immediately. Sunrise thank all supporters for the 2014 raffle fundraising and in making it a grand success.

Sunrise Softball Cricket Club 2014 team pose for a photo.

Another exhilarating moment of that night was a special treat for all the kids present that night. They were treated by the person that brings the spirit of the holidays to all, Santa Clause. As Santa made his grand entrance in the restaurant, he was flock by kid’s presence. The warmth and spirited atmosphere brought by Santa turns the atmosphere into that of the holiday mood. The children elation of meeting Santa was topped off generously and as they received Christmas gifts. As the kids jump for joy for meeting Santa and their gifts, their reactions were satisfying and rewarding. This action by Sunrise reinforced the kind and giving nature of this club members and their commitment to bringing joy to children.

The long awaited moment of the night was the name of Sunrise Player for the 2014 season. Many had their own pick but overwhelmingly the player who was crowned represent Sunrise in all aspects. He was good player, friend and was very dependable. He is a good ambassador for Sunrise and contributed to Sunrise off the field community works. With the record of 43 wickets and 189 runs for the 2014 season Harold Deokinanan unanimously voted Sunrise 2014 player of the year. Harold won two out the 3 competitions Most Wicket awards in the NYSCL as well, and came up big for his team in key moments. His teammates showed their appreciation for Harold (Fats) hard work in the 2014 season and flocked him that night to congratulate him as their player of the year.

Spirits were high and if this is an indication for the future, Sunrise will return next year with high standard. Of notable mention on that night is the management of the Queens Buffet for hosting us another year, and their cooperation fitted in with our program. The food was excellent and the various dimensions available at the time of the presentation were of extreme importance to the success of the proceedings. Also we are grateful to Cricket Zone and Mr. Ravi Etwaroo for producing these exemplified trophies handed at that ceremony. Ravi take exception pride in his trophies and his dedicated personal service is unmatched by anyone in the Cricket supply business. The music mix by DJ and the Dancers satisfied the crowd and special thanks to them. Congratulations and thanks to all whom helped to make the event another tremendous success.