Those participating in upcoming two events may be subject to disciplinary action for participating in disapproved cricket.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced that two bilateral series being planned by former ICC Member United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) would constitute unsanctioned events within the ICC’s regulatory framework.

USACA, which was expelled by the ICC in June 2017, recently announced plans to host Cricket India’s All India Women Twenty20 Cricket Association for a bilateral women’s T20I series in April 2018 and Cricket India’s Indian Twenty20 Cricket Federation for a men’s series the following month. Neither event is recognized by the BCCI or ICC.

In accordance with the ICC’s regulations on sanctioning events, no person affiliated to a National Cricket Federation is permitted to participate in any disapproved cricket. This prohibition applies to players, match officials, coaching or management staff affiliated to a National Cricket Federation or any team affiliated to a National Cricket Federation.