Indiana Youth Cricket Association
The Indiana Youth Cricket Association has been actively involved in school and youth cricket in Indiana since 2010. Later, established “Basics of Cricket” and “Introduction to Cricket” certifications for Indiana PE teachers, which is now available online.  Recently, INYCA rolled out state wide Cricket Study Guide that included the Cricketing Terms Glossary which will help teachers to follow with the state wide cricket curriculum.

Teacher getting instructions from Jatin Patel.

Cricket is a complicated sport as the Internet provides various instructional guidelines, but rather than being helpful it poses difficult challenges for those that are not well diverse and knowledgeable about the game. Now it has become necessary to set standards pertaining to the game to help educate our teachers and scholars in simplest form so, everyone can be in unison by following the same guidelines.  The main objective here is to reach as many schools as feasible, to provide the necessary information required to play the game, and to educate our teachers.

Jatin Patel, President INYCA, 2nd Vice President USYCA, pioneered the education for school & Community cricket in Indiana. A quite a few teachers have reached out and provided assistance by rewriting a helpful and easy to use Cricket Study guide within their schools most often referred to as the US English version. That’s how teachers and scholars wants to explain or understand cricket in schools.

It would have been impossible to accomplish such a goal without the following teachers. All of them exposed to cricket during the past two years to become Indiana Certified cricket Coaches / instructor and expanding their cricket knowledge while doing their vital contributions to our state wide cricket projects & teaching cricket during school PE classes.  We applaud them, graciously.

Cricket Study Guide with Cricketing Terms Glossary – 1st Revision,  Authors& Contributors
Stan Heidi – Hamilton Southeastern Schools
Kelley Newman – Beech Grove Schools
Eileen Richards – New Albany Floyd County Schools
Mathew Shirk – Indianapolis Public Schools
Kristine Stafford – Avon Schools
Katherine Langdon – Indianapolis Public Schools
Paul Newman – Other, Beech Grove Schools connection

Besides educational Cricket Study Guide, many Indiana teachers will be part of finalizing T10 Inter school cricket game rules which is expected to be completed by the end of the year. During the 1st phase Cricket players and coaches in Indiana contributed with their thoughts about simplifying rules, which were combined with the teacher’s survey from last summer to find the best possible solutions for the Cricket which can match with many other sports here in USA. Indiana Inter School T10 Cricket version will focus on “Equal Opportunity for all Players” & “No One Left behind – School policy” which are well known in US culture. way to create fun full environment with the high intensity level in the game for real short time of 90 minutes or less. INYCA plan to host inaugural Indiana Inter school T10 Cricket tournament (Host – Midwest Sports Productions) with the official state championship during 2015 Spring/summer season.

Cricket Study Guide with Cricketing Terms Glossary – 1st Revision, is available at