Indo-Caribbean Federation Cricket Caribbean-XI
2020 Caribbean Invitational Senior team captain Renwick Batson receiving the winning trophy from Ralph Tamesh and Miss ICF Queen Heema Singh. Photo courtesy of Adeel Khan Photography

By Sam Sooppersaud
Yes, cricket fans, be ready to feast on these two most exciting cricket matches sponsored by the Indo-Caribbean Federation. The Caribbean Invitational Xl for the two games will not be confined to just the Caribbean players, but to other international players as well. There will be a showcase of young talents and seasoned players entertaining the cricket hungry public on Aug. 21st and starts at 9 a.m. sharp.

These matches have been played going back thirty years and have always provided the fans with exhilarating cricket. Judging from this history there is no reason to think that these games would be any different. So, come on out and enjoy the day. Bring your entire family. You may pack a picnic basket, if you so desired, but the ICF will provide lots to chomp on. Of course, you may want to bring along a cooler stacked with your favorite cold beverage. Any kind of beverages; just be cautious and considerate.

There will be a Half Time show of Indian Dancing by the ICF Queen Heema Singh and Karaoke music by the ICF artistes Vanessa Matura, Jasodra Thakoordeen, Son Son Sonipersaud and Farouk Muntazalli in addition, fans entering the usual Raffle will have the opportunity of winning valuable prizes. Folks, you would not want to miss out of this day of total fun and exciting cricket. And with the present health situation, this will give you a chance to “unwind”.

In previous years it has been the custom to honor different personalities for exemplary work in their respective fields. However, this year will be different. A week ago well-known cricketer Zamin Amin was inducted into the United States Cricket Hall of Fame. Although in his middle ages, he still plays competitive cricket. He is known as Mr. Dependable because his team can depend on him pulling them out of a rut. Zamin has also played for the USA and has served as the captain of the national side on numerous occasions. Last year he was honored by the ICF for his exploits on and off the cricket field. But, due to the Covid health situation, it was an indoor event. So, this year the ICF will publicly acknowledge Zamin during the half-time show.

At the time of this writing these are the players that has selected to play on Saturday.

Many of these players have excelled in the PSAL cricket in the past and fans who have watched that tournament may recognize some of the names.

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