Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) is pleased to announce that long-time youth cricket administrator Jamie Harrison has joined the organization as Vice President of Program Development.

Jamie Harrison with Maq Qureshi and Shuja Khan of Cricket Council USA.

Jamie Harrison (left) with Maq Qureshi and Shuja Khan of Cricket Council USA.

Jamie will be working very closely with both National and International entities, including reaching out to the ICC to help promote the CCUSA brand throughout the USA and beyond, and with a special emphasis on youth cricket within the CCUSA portfolio. Jamie brings a wealth of youth-cricket experience, having been at the forefront in creating the Maryland Youth Cricket Association and, subsequently, the United States Youth Cricket Association.

He almost single-handedly introduced the sport into several schools in the Baltimore Area, and has expanded his efforts to include most of the elementary schools in the greater Maryland area. He has been instrumental in formally introducing the game into some of the schools around the country by donation free plastic cricket sets to get the children interested in the game. Jamie’s affinity for the promotion of the game has propelled him to the forefront as the first and only president, to date, of the United States Youth Cricket Association, a position which he plans to vacate at the end of his term in March.

He is also a former CEO of the American Cricket Federation. When asked about his new assignment, Harrison said” I am excited to be associated with an organization that has the resources to invest in American cricket development, and that is assembling a professional team for that purpose. Everything is changing for cricket in America, and I think this is the threshold of a new beginning.” Chairman and CEO of the Cricket Council USA, Maq Qureshi, said “I’m thrilled to have someone with Jamie’s expertise on board. His over-riding interest in youth cricket as well as in other areas of the game, and his overall positive attitude about the sport in general, will make him a great addition to our growing team. His coming on board will provide additional leverage, and allow us to reach much further into some of the areas where we think we can make some inroads.” Jamie was recently inducted into the USA Cricket Hall-of-Fame in Hartford, Connecticut.