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Javein Thomas: Cricket Is In My Veins

InterviewsNews November 11, 2020 admin

Javein Thomas
Javein Thomas bats during an Inter-League game back in 2015. Photos by Shiek Mohamed

Javein Thomas is a consummate New York cricketer. He always has his eye on the ball and opportunities to showcase his natural talents. caught up with the New York State Titans star who finished among the top regional batsmen in the recent USA Minor League Cricket (MiLC) exhibition matches. He responded to a few questions posed by this site.

What was your most memorable moment during the recent Minor League Cricket exhibition matches?
My most memorable moment was when I got the call from the team’s Management. I didn’t know what to think at the time; however, I was grateful because I had taken my mind off being part of the whole Minor League Cricket set-up. Also, to gel with some of the guys that played at the highest levels was a plus for me.

How was your overall performance in the matches? Would you do anything differently if given a chance to replay any one of the 2020 exhibition matches?
I must say my overall performance was good. I felt great playing in the middle. However, it’s just a matter of turning those starts into big scores so that my team will be in a good position at the end of the day.

Javein Thomas
Javein Thomas at the USA Cricket Combine 2016 in New York.

How different was the experience playing for a franchise team from your usual club or team?
Honestly, I think it’s different because it’s another step towards professionalism. You get that feeling, especially when you’re playing with guys that are accustomed to such settings. It comes naturally to you once you start adapting to the environment.

How did you prepare for the matches during the current COVID-19 pandemic?
Preparation wasn’t that difficult for me during the lock down. I think I got more done since everything was at a slower pace, so I was able to focus more on my game and fitness.

What improvements, if any, would you like to see implemented during the upcoming 2021 Minor League Cricket season?
Honestly, I think there should be more games on turf wickets, which would be a plus.

Javein Thomas
Javein Thomas about to send down one.

Is there any particular area that team owners of Minor League Cricket need to improve that would benefit the league?
I think if they should get more involved with the leagues to identify the available talent. That way, the younger players would have an opportunity to be part of the franchises.

Should more Under-21 players be added to the roster of each franchise?
Yes, there is a lot of young talent around the country and under 21 years of age.

What would attract more fans to any matches of the franchise to which you belong?
I would say significantly increase the promotion of the matches. It would be great to let cricket lovers throughout the Metropolitan area know there is a franchise team; that way, they can be part of the family.

What is one positive non-cricket experience you took away from your participation in the exhibition matches?
I would say the opportunity to travel and learn more about this great country.

Representing New York Region, Javein Thomas bats during the National Championship in 2014.