By James Persaud
In any sport being judged as the player of the year is always big nobility for anyone. In softball cricket winning the New York Softball Cricket League, cricketer of the year award is the biggest achievement in the game. He almost wins them all, after five straight championships under his leadership he didn’t make the finals in the last competition to end the 2009 season. But when the finals judgment was done for the New York Softball Cricket League 2009 cricketer of the year Kris Sobhai stand tall once again as a great leader.

Kris Sobhai (right) collects the Cricketer Of The Year award from Suresh Ramsaran.

Sobhai was a founding member of the Hustlers cricket team in 2008 and his team took the last Twenty20 competition of that season. He then captain the NYSCL all-star team in the Florida Cup and brought home the championship, next was the 25 Over Championship, then the NYSCL Independence Cup and the 30 Over Cup. During this time Sobhai had played many different positions on the teams he represented. It was as though he wanted to win so bad that he was willing to use himself in whatever position he sees fit to make his team win.

He started playing softball cricket in New York and soon became the most successful opening batsman and a very useful off spinner. He won the 2006 cricketer of the year, in that year he dominate the softball cricket arena with his batting and bowling and was a winner by a landslide. This year it was different as the teams has become more competitive thereby no one player is dominating in any form of the game. The batting and bowling titles are shared among a few elite players in all the divisions. Kris Sobhai won by his consistency to his team batting and bowling and his great leadership.