Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Cricket (LAC) is delighted to announce the official granting of an operating permit for Marder Field at the Sepulveda Cricket Complex, Van Nuys CA. This significant achievement comes after more than four years of dedicated effort and positive collaboration with the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department. The permit authorizes LAC’s use of Marder Field and its turf facilities at the Sepulveda Cricket Basin for youth activities during weekdays, with weekend access to be added in 2025.

Abhimanyu Rajp and Venky Mysore
Abhimanyu Rajp (left) with Venky Mysore, CEO of Knight Rider Group in Bangalore earlier this year.

“We are thrilled and excited beyond words,” said Abhimanyu Rajp, Chairman LAC. “This permit is not just a piece of paper; it’s a testament to our hard work, devotion, and the fruitful partnership we’ve cultivated with the LA Parks and Rec. We wholeheartedly thank the Municipal Sports staff for supporting us in our efforts, believing in our cause, and making Los Angeles Cricket only the second organization to be awarded field operating rights at the Sepulveda Cricket Complex, also known as Woodley Park. This marks a big step forward for the youth cricketers of Los Angeles, who will now have access to a dedicated turf facility on weekdays via our programs. The sense of responsibility towards the game that this permit brings is not understated by any means. There is much to do ahead.”

With this new permit, LAC is set to solidify plans for launching a weekday youth academy, to be known as the LAC Center of Excellence. This initiative aims to provide young aspiring cricketers with top-notch training and development opportunities at a dedicated turf facility right here in Los Angeles. Additionally, LAC has plans to expand its offerings to other facilities in the near future, in collaboration with Parks and Rec, as well as launching a youth league and a collegiate cricket competition in the future.

“We believe that through the LAC Center of Excellence and our forthcoming programs, we can make a substantial impact on youth development in Los Angeles,” added Deepak Gosain, Director LAC. “LAC is committed to fostering a nurturing environment that develops and promotes not only athletic skills but also camaraderie, discipline, and a deep appreciation for cricket and its culture. The youth of Los Angeles, who hunger for further development in cricket, will have the honor of calling Marder Field their home.”

LAC has been diligently collaborating with multiple sports organizations with the interest of expanding the reach, growth, and cricketing infrastructure in Los Angeles. With operating rights to one of USA’s premier cricket fields, Marder, LAC will be working to bring those plans to fruition over time as well as collaborating with local organizations and youth-driven initiatives.

Los Angeles Cricket looks forward to unveiling more plans and beginning operations at Marder Field, Sepulveda Cricket Complex. This development is sure to energize the local and regional cricket culture, promising exciting times ahead for both players and fans.

About Los Angeles Cricket (LAC) Los Angeles Cricket, a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization, is dedicated to building and promoting the sport of cricket in Los Angeles through infrastructure projects, comprehensive youth training programs, competitive leagues, and community-building activities.