Metropolitan Cricket League
By Cricket Eye
The people over at the Metropolitan Cricket League have made it a habit of boasting that they are the best League around. Well that may be true if ‘cut-throat’ methods are that which makes a league the best like the kind that went on in their AGM.  That league is now the best at undermining their own.

They replaced the president Trevor Walfal with Clif Roy in a tie vote. It looks like Clif Roy wanted that position really bad. They say that there was an objection to Roy handling the ballot as a candidate. However, when the votes were tied and the man (from Atlantis?) who conducted the election chose Roy, Roy had his wish.  It looks like the man (from Atlantis?) who conducted the election was next to the ‘grape vine’ and perhaps heard of the movement to get Clif Roy the president position?  Talk about the best league. Not only that, Roy has four others from his club  elected to the executive committee to work with, including Vanelda.  In my opinion, that looks kind a fishy. They say if it looks like a duck, walk like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.

If a Mugabe type method is that which makes a league the best, then the MCL league is the best.  And now, they over in the Metropolitan Cricket League should now shut up and stop bad-mouthing other leagues and take a look at themselves. It is sad that some teams actually support that kind of behavior and allowed that trash to go on. They may now be the best corrupted league. What a disgrace.