American Cricket Federation Leaders Series
John Aaron is a former Executive Secretary of the USA Cricket Association (2008-2011) and considers himself a “servant of cricket.” John is viewed by many as being extremely pivotal in the reconciliation efforts within USA cricket, following two suspensions by the International Cricket Council (ICC), based on poor governance of cricket in the USA.

John Aaron at his Cricket Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2012. He is also an editor and contributor for Photo by Shiek Mohamed

He has demonstrated an unselfish approach to problem-solving, serving as chairman of the US Cricket League President’s Reconciliation Commission and a member of the 2006 US Cricket Constitution Review Committee.

Described by former West Indies Cricket Board President Ken Gordon, as “…a true Statesman,” John Aaron’s expertise in management as an Executive Vice President and Regional Training Director in corporate America, and his current role in the world of academia, afforded him the skill-sets needed to help US cricket regain its credibility in the international arena, during his tenure as Executive Secretary of the national cricket organization.

Just prior to the US Cricket Association being readmitted into the international cricket community in 2008, then ICC Chief Executive Malcolm Speed, described John Aaron’s views calling for a new direction and leadership for USACA, as “very impressive and worthy of consideration.” Many have described the views and actions of John Aaron, as one of the most positive turning points for US cricket in the past decade.

Currently a Higher Education Officer (HEO) and senior college administrator in New York City, John holds a BA in Media Communications from Hunter College (CUNY) of New York City and a MA in Management and Technology from New York University (NYU). He is the recipient of several academic and civic awards including the prestigious New York University Prism Award for outstanding alumnus.

John’s strengths lie in his ability to coalesce individuals with differing points of view, and to get them to work towards a common objective, such as the development and promotion of the sport of cricket. He is regarded as an independent thinker, with an unquestionable commitment to helping develop cricket in the USA, indicative of his past stewardship as Secretary and President of Atlantis Cricket Club – NY (1999-2009), Secretary and President of the Eastern American Cricket Association, and Chairman of the New York Cricket Region, prior to being elected in a nationwide ballot, as the US Cricket Association’s Executive Secretary.

As a club and league president in the Borough of Queens, John has helped the Borough win two New York City Mayor’s Cricket Championships. He also has an innate ability to partner cricket with the community, in a number of areas beyond the sport, and benefiting the community. He has initiated such programs as academic scholarship funding; Habitat for Humanity volunteer efforts, financial assistance for injured and/or sick cricketers and administrators, and clothing, food, and toy drives for the needy in New York City.

John Aaron recently served on the Steering Committee of the American Cricket Federation (ACF), following the disenfranchisement of some 32 of 47 leagues by the USA Cricket Association. According to John, “I aligned myself with the ACF, because it is dedicated to maintaining transparency, integrity and fair elections. It also embraces and supports all forms of cricket in the USA.”

During the past four years, John has dedicated himself to the growth and development of youth and women’s cricket, managing the successful Atlantis Women’s XI to back-to-back T20 titles at the Georgia Women Cricket Association T20 tournaments. An avid writer on the subject of cricket, John is a recipient of the Cricket Hall of Fame President’s Award for Outstanding Journalism, and was inducted into the Cricket Hall of Fame in Hartford, CT on October 6, 2012.

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