Membership Road Show Planned For September And October
ICC Americas Issues USA Project Update

Membership Road Show Planned For September And October

News August 26, 2017 admin

ICC Americas today issued its second Operational Report on the governance and operations of cricket in the USA, and what is being referred to as the ICC Americas’ USA Project.

The operations of the ICC Americas’ USA Project is focused on four pillars of activity centered on the advisory groups established last year. The operational report is intended to keep USA cricket stakeholders updated on developments surrounding the advancement of the sport in the USA, following the expulsion of USACA from the ICC earlier this year.

The following highlights are from the report and identifies some significant goals set by ICC Americas and involving the USA cricket community in the establishment of a new national governing body for the sport.

According to Eric Parthen, ICC Americas USA Project Manager, “Our current plan is to get an updated report out about every two weeks to keep the cricket community informed about the latest activities underway to create a new U.S. cricket governing body,” adding, “It will always be separated into the four pillars of our strategic framework that many of you helped create in 2016 (Sustainable Foundation, Participation, Performance and Fan & Market Development.) Some reports will be longer than others but we are confident all will give you better insight into the steps we are taking to create a national federation that can unite the cricket community and grow and develop the sport.”

• The work the ICC’s Development Department will undertake globally over the next several years will be great for cricket worldwide including the United States. • The USA Project 2018 budget will be funded by both the ICC and any revenues the new national federation generates. As part of the budget planning process, USA Head Coach Pubudu Dassanayake helped to build out the Performance and Participation initiatives of USA Project.

• The new USA Constitution will be released in the coming weeks after it is reviewed one last time by the Sustainable Foundation Advisory Group. The document will define the process for electing the new Board that will both unify and govern U.S. cricket moving forward.

• An ICC Americas Regional Conference will be held in New York during the week of August 28, 2017 and will provide a great opportunity for interaction with other Americas member federations, while sharing the developments in the U.S. and discussing how best to work together to grow cricket in the Americas.

• A “Membership Road Show” is planned and will include town hall style meetings in the following key markets, to talk about the future of cricket in the United States:
o Fort Lauderdale – Sunday, September 10
o Washington DC – Monday, September 11
o New York City – Tuesday, September 12
o Dallas – Thursday, October 5
o Chicago – Friday, October 6
o San Francisco – Wednesday, October 11
o Los Angeles – Thursday, October 12

• The meetings will take place in the evenings and all stakeholders will be invited to participate including leagues, clubs, players, coaches, umpires, etc.

Eric Parthen, referenced an African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” He urges USA cricket stakeholders to go together. He acknowledged that the road show won’t be able to hit every market, however, the plan is to engage various technologies to ensure as many people as possible are involved.
The USA Project Manager reported that ICC Americas Cricket Manager, Tom Evans, will be returning to Australia to be closer to an ill family member. He acknowledged that Evans’ departure is a huge loss to the USA Project, but the incredible contribution he has made to the U.S. cricket landscape is impactful, and will be felt for years to come. Tom Evans will work remotely from Australia, while ICC Americas seek a new Cricket Manager.

• Many passionate and hardworking U.S. cricket volunteers are continuing on the development of USA’s coach education and entry-level schools programs. Both these initiatives are developing content at the back-end, and the programs/products are likely to launch ahead of the 2018 cricket season.
• Jamie Paul Lloyd, no stranger to the USA cricket community has joined ICC Americas on a temporary basis, to work on a number of projects.

According to Eric Parthen, “Jamie Paul Lloyd is well placed to assist in ICC Americas’ USA Project initiatives given his significant experience in grassroots development where he worked with Full Member Cricket New Zealand as their Development Coordinator.”

• Team USA Women have returned from a frustrating week in Scotland at the Women’s World T20 Europe/Americas Qualifier. Unfortunately for the ladies the Scottish summer was true to form and rain fell most of the week. The interrupted schedule made it difficult for the women to carry on their good form from Essex and unfortunately in the two games they played they were not at their best, losing in a tight low scoring affair to Scotland, and then not quite being able to chase the Netherlands’ high total.
Commenting on the USA women’s disappointing tour in Scotland, the Project Manager said, “I’m sure the women, support staff and fans will be disappointed not to see them progress to the next stage of world cup qualification, however, it was great to see the group gel and improve significantly throughout their preparation phase. We are sure they will continue to work hard and be back bigger and better than ever to capitalize on their next opportunity. Thanks to the full team that represented the United States for the way they carried themselves on and off the pitch and for the sacrifices they made to be part of Team USA. I was proud to see our ladies representing the USA in an ICC competition for the first time in nearly six years.”

• This year’s Auty Cup – a long standing cricket match tradition between Canada and the USA has been confirmed for September 12, 13, 14 in Toronto, Canada. The Team USA Men will attempt to wrestle back the Auty Cup after going down to Canada in 2016’s edition in LA.

Eric Parthen said, “We look forward to cheering Team USA on in the Auty Cup which is cricket’s oldest international rivalry. The matches will provide the men’s team with some valuable 50 over cricket as Team USA starts to build towards WCL3 in the second half of 2018.”

• A new logo for the USA’s national federation is complete and will be released next month.
• The launch of new social media platforms will occur on September 24, in line with the first ever international cricket match to take place between the United States and Canada on September 24, 1844.
• A new database is planned and will be of crucial importance once membership is open to the new national federation, and the facilitation of the election of the Board in early 2018.
• A Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development of a world class website has been released to the public.

Parthen said, “We are excited about the build out of this website and encourage you to share the RFP with any contacts you may have in the digital world.” Link to RFP.

For questions related to the operational report or ICC Americas’ USA Project readers are encouraged to contact either or