Lucas team before the game.

Lucas team before the game.

By Trevor Walfall
Ladies and gentlemen it is refreshing that our league has crowned a new champion!

By grounding Westbury Cricket Club at Idlewild Park last Sunday, Lucas Cricket Club emerged from the jaws of reconstruction of the 80’s and 90’s, and solidified their rightful place in the archives of the NY Metropolitan and District Cricket Association league.

The Game was a simple one; but sports is much more than that. It is full of life lessons.   Sports teaches us about the excitement and joy of winning, and the disappointment in losing; about maturity, teamwork, humility and selflessness. And nowhere was that more evident than then when Clinton Lewis, Westbury’s captain remarked, “This is no fluke for they beat us twice this season.”

Lucas endured a number of annexations in the mentioned decades, “spins” that produced both Progressive and Mid Island Cricket Clubs.  The ‘ill winds’ have allowed history to reveal that Lucas was a first time finalist in Metro’s premier competition.

Let the misfortunes of the past be told, that the birth of Mid Island Cricket Club from “Mother Lucas,” brought instantaneous success as Mid Island Cricket Club immediately emerged as league champions, and today Progressive is still paying its debt of gratitude to Delroy “Blacky” Reid for the breakaway movement he orchestrated. Just take a look at the franchise they have today. Lucas persevered, knowingly that the slogan ‘keep hope alive’ is real.

An examination of the emergence of Lucas in 2016; and the source and manner of their creativity revealed the high point of their success was winning the championship.  How did they get it done? At the top of the administration the shrewd Mascelles Bailey was always prominent.  The installation of a new president, Nalburn “Nally” Whittaker, the appointment of a thoughtful manager, Vernon Bailey, and the reassignment of the former captain, Patrick Walfall.

The Little darling of Lucas, Quianna Reeves Cuff, and the old accommodator, Victor Reeves, cleared the path giving rise to the ‘ever willing’ General Manager and Vice President Vincent Green.  And, given that “the prodigal son” Evol Lothen returned home to strengthen the old rear-guard of Nalburn Whittaker, Oval Crawford, Patrick Walfall, George Johnson, Keeble Thomas, and the all season ace, “The Dread” Leebert Williamson; coupled with the Regiment Guard of John Ross Campbell, Bernard Leverage, Berestor Reid, and the civilians, Zenife Fowler, Kiron Thomas, Aldane Thomas, Sadique Henry, Oshane Morgan, and Jason Godfrey leveraged and carved their way to the finals and delivered.  Quite an illustrious outfit.

As usual, Lee Ramsay, Everton White, Gerald Morris, Fitz Henry, George Edwards, Wilton Ricketts, Sam McFarlane, and Merrick Loten gave their unrelenting support.  The staunch support of the ground troops of Joe White, Clement Watts, Stephen Francis, Wayne ”Red Stripe” Morgan, Wayne “Heineken” Reid, and Philmore Morgan was ever present.  The ladies Pauline Mattison, Jenny Henry, Evelyn Peck, Dawn Barrington, Sharon Reid, Claudia Wakeland, acknowledged that winning sweetens play and they will continually be there to support Lucas.

Often people are not willing to sacrifice themselves to create change for the benefit of others, therefore, Quianna Reeves Cuff’s input was enormous and must be recognized.

Congratulations Lucas and continue on your path, as you open another chapter in this yet unfinished novel.

The Genesis of this overview was not influenced by the fact that the writer was a former member of Lucas, but the admiration in the manner in which the plan was executed and the cohesiveness of the group.