Received From USYCA Affiliate Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA):
Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) continues its commitment to support cricket in schools in Missouri. It was invited to introduce cricket at Garfield Elementary School in Kansas City, Missouri on March 28.

Thank you to Elaine Alexander, Physical Education teacher at Garfield Elementary, for contacting MYCA and setting up the presentation. Her enthusiasm and interest in introducing the game of cricket to the children at Garfield Elementary is heartwarming, and MYCA is committed to assist her in every possible way. Ms. Alexander plans to set up four-week cricket sessions and hopefully the students will enjoy learning the sport of cricket.

We had three sessions (45 minutes each), one each with classes in grades 3-5. In all the sessions the children seemed to have a blast. No child felt left out. Everyone participated. They also picked up the sport very quickly. We had a short game with each group, followed by some drills and a Q&A session.

The participation and support from Garfield Elementary students and teachers made the four-hour one-way drive to Kansas City absolutely worthwhile and we would like to wish Ms. Alexander good luck with future cricket sessions at her school.

Ranjeet Singh
Secretary, Missouri Youth Cricket Association