American Cricket Federation
This is the first and the only Softball 2020 Cricket League in and around Missouri with a potential to become a regional softball league in near future under the umbrella of ACF. The league started in June 2013 with 5 Teams and currently has membership of 12 Teams, 10 for Missouri and 2 from Illinois.

MYCA 2020, played with mostly ICC T20 Rules with a few exceptions has attracted players from all areas. It has received positive feedback on its structure, management and format and has the potential to attract distant teams too who will be willing to travel and play some quality softball cricket. The League conducts 3 Tournaments per year. Jaguars Team has been the champions so far in both tournaments in 2013.

There are many youth cricket groups in USA managed by adult league, but this league is unique in the sense that MYCA Men’s 2020 Softball Cricket League sprouted and developed under the umbrella of a youth organization (Missouri Youth Cricket Association). People play softball cricket for fun and recreation, with a little taste of competition, and MYCA 2020 provides the community and patrons, just that.

The league also has 14 Adult Members who are Level 1 Certified Coaches and are supporting MYCA Youth Development Program in the Region. This league also provides financial support for the MYCA Youth Cricket Development. If you need more information on this Missouri T20 Softball Cricket League, please contact Ranjeet Singh at [email protected].