Here is our summary of games from last weekend, Sept. 26-27, in USA Minor League Cricket around the country.

Jasdeep Singh ripped apart NJ Stallions batting line up picking up 5 for 11 from his 4 overs and was well supported by Juanoy Drysdale who bagged 3 for 13. New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers CC posted 166 for 7, Syed Abdullah struck 55 with 6 sixes and a four. Kennar Lewis and Shawn Findlay contributed 23 and 32 respectively.

Shaheer Hasan of Chicago Blasters struck a superb 101 not out from 50 balls which included 8 sixes and 8 fours, along with former USA opening batsman Fahad Babar (65) chased down 169 posted by Michigan Cricket Stars.

Jasdeep Singh Bowling
Jasdeep Singh of New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers CC picked up 5 for 11 against NJ Stallions. Photo courtesy of Rahul Sharma

Summary of games played on Sept. 26th, 2020
New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers vs NJ Stallions

Howe Athletic Complex, NJ
New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers CC won by 94 runs
Man of the match: Jasdeep Singh
New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers CC ( H ) 166/7 (20 Overs):
Kennar Lewis 23, Syed Abdullah 55 with 6 sixes and a four, Shawn Findlay 32
NJ Stallions Bowling: Gavon Brown 4-0-26-2, Umair Ali 4-0-27-1, Neive Mcnally 4-0-29-2, Rushi Amin 3-0-31-2
NJ Stallions 72/10 (14.2 Overs): Hiral Patel 33, Dominique Rikhi 8
New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers CC Bowling: Jasdeep Singh 4-0-11-5, Juanoy Drysdale 4-1-17-3, Derick Narine 2-0-13-1, Yasir Mohammad 0.2-0-0-1

Irving Mustangs vs Houston Hurricanes
McKinney Cricket Ground, Dallas
Houston Hurricanes won by Super Over
Irving Mustangs ( H ) 211/5 (20 Overs):
Rayyankhan Pathan 80, which included 7 sixes and 3 fours, Muhammad Waqas 48,, Junaid Khan 26
Houston Hurricanes Bowling: Hassan Rashid 4-0-40-1, Shayan Jahangir 4-0-31-3, Adnan Haroon 4-0-23-1
Houston Hurricanes ( A ) 211/6 (20 Overs): Rana Ali 54, Rameez Raja 82, Waleed Ahmed 29
Irving Mustangs Bowling: Junaid Khan 4-1-36-2, Ali Sheikh 4-0-35-1, Soorya Selvakumar 3-0-29-1

Michigan Cricket Stars vs Chicago Catchers
Skokie Sports Park, Skokie, IL
Chicago Catchers won by 7 wickets
Man of the match: Arjun Arun Kumar
Michigan Cricket Stars ( A ) 132/10 (18.4 Overs):
Azher Ali Syed 26, Shaker Ahmed 25, Ferhan Ali 18
Chicago Catchers Bowling: Aamir Shahzad 4-0-17-2, Waseem Khan 4-0-21-2, Sikander Soleja 3.4-0-20-4, Tejas Visal 3-0-26-2
Chicago Catchers ( H ) 134/3 (17.3 Overs): Sarwar Ghori 32, Arjun Arun Kumar 65 not out which included 4 fours and 4 sixes
Michigan Cricket Stars Bowling: Mohammed Kashem 3.3-0-21-1, Tirth Patel 4-0-29-1, Ferhan Ali 4-0-26-1

Narsingh Deonarine
Narsingh Deonarine was named man of the match for his knock of 47 not out. WICB Media/Randy Brooks of Brooks Latouche Photography

East Bay Blazers vs Silicon Valley Strikers
Arroyo Park, Davis
Silicon Valley Strikers won by 7 wickets
Man of the match: Narsingh Deonarine
East Bay Blazers ( A ) 144/4 (20 Overs):
Shiva Vashishat 36, Rohith Ramkumar 20, Josh Dascombe 22, Mansingh Nigade 29, Shivam Mishra 26
Silicon Valley Strikers Bowling: Shadley Van Schalkwyk 4-1-20-1, Srinivas Raghavan 4-0-25-2, Adnesh Tondale 2-0-14-1
Silicon Valley Strikers ( H ) 146/3 (19.2 Overs): Srinivas Raghavan 30, Rahul Jariwala 34, Narsingh Deonarine 47 not out, Pranay Suri 15
East Bay Blazers Bowling: Josh Dascombe 2.2-0-25-1, Rusty Theron 4-0-25-1, Nick Mclachlan 4-0-21-1

Golden State Grizzlies vs East Bay Blazers
Arroyo Park, Davis
East Bay Blazers won by 10 runs
Man of the match: Shivam Mishra
East Bay Blazers ( H ) 153/6 (20 Overs):
Shivam Mishra 61, Mansingh Nigade 27, Sanjay Krishnamurthi 42
Golden State Grizzlies Bowling: Saurabh Naresh Netravalkar 4-0-23-2, Asad Khan 4-0-41-3, Rudolph Hinds 4-0-19-1
Golden State Grizzlies ( A ) 143/7 (20 Overs): Srinivasan Mohan 33, Amit Patil 44, M. Junaid 27
East Bay Blazers Bowling: Dev Thadani 2-0-11-1, Ruchir Joshi 2-0-16-1, Josh Dascombe 4-0-22-3, Nick Mclachlan 4-0-24-1, Sanjay Krishnamurthi 1-0-9-1

Assad Fudadin
New England Eagles’ Assad Fudadin bagged 2 for 25 and returned to score 80.

Empire State Titans vs New England Eagles
Keney Park, CT
New England Eagles won by 3 wickets
Man of the match: Assad Fudadin
Empire State Titans ( A ) 162/9 (20 Overs):
Trevon Griffith 36, Jaladh Dua 71
New England Eagles Bowling: Assad Fudadin 4-0-25-2, Amarnath Raavi 4-0-31-1, Raghunandan Sridhar 4-0-38-1, Bruce Blackwood 4-0-30-4
New England Eagles ( H ) 166/7 (19.5 Overs): Oniell Powell 13, Zeshan Muhammad 46, Assad Fudadin 80
Empire State Titans Bowling: Derone Davis 3.5-0-49-2, Amanpreet Singh 4-0-28-2, Gajanand Singh 4-0-28-1

Summary of games played on Sept. 27th, 2020

Michigan Cricket Stars vs Chicago Blasters
Prarie Lakes Park, Des Plaines, IL
Chicago Blasters won by 10 wickets
Man of the match: Shaheer Hasan
Michigan Cricket Stars ( A ) 169/7 (20 Overs):

Arjun Ajbani 41, Shaker Ahmed 38, Ferhan Ali 24, Mahfuzur Rahman 18
Chicago Blasters Bowling: Hunain Amin 4-0-19-3, Talha Mohsin 4-0-33-2, Munn Patel 1-0-14-1
Chicago Blasters ( H ) 174/0 (16.3 Overs): Shaheer Hasan 101 not out from 50 balls and included 8 sixes and 8 fours, Fahad Babar 65 not out.
Michigan Cricket Stars Bowling: Vraj Patel 3-0-28-0, Harish Yalamanchili 3-0-21-0, Shaker Ahmed 4-0-37-0

Fahad Babar and Shaheer Hasan
Opening pair Fahad Babar (left) and Shaheer Hasan chased down 169 scoring 65 and 101 respectively.

Silicon Valley Strikers vs Golden State Grizzlies
Arroyo Park, Davis
Golden State Grizzlies won by 3 wickets
Man of the match: Rudolph Hinds

Silicon Valley Strikers ( A ) 155/6 (20 Overs): Rahul Jariwala 25, Natwar Agrawal 31, Pranay Suri 27, Anshul Pratap Singh 22
Golden State Grizzlies Bowling: Rudolph Hinds 4-0-15-1, Saad Khan 4-0-21-2, Asad Khan 4-0-35-2, Mohit Nataraj 4-0-42-1
Golden State Grizzlies ( H ) 161/7 (19.2 Overs): M. Junaid 41, Mohit Nataraj 25, Sohan Bhat 20, Rudolph Hinds 39 not out
Silicon Valley Strikers Bowling: Shadley Van Schalkwyk 4-0-35-3, Abbas Jafri 4-0-26-1, Vatsal Vaghela 3-0-19-1, Adnesh Tondale 1-0-13-1

Austin Athletics vs Irving Mustangs
McKinney Cricket Ground, Dallas
Irving Mustangs won by 69 runs
Man of the match: Sushant Modani

Irving Mustangs ( H ) 184/5 (20 Overs): Sushant Modani 67, Ali Sheikh 49, Rehman Dar 30
Austin Athletics Bowling: Dylan Joseph 4-0-40-2, Saad Humayun 4-0-27-0, Sidhesh Pathare 2-0-32-2
Austin Athletics ( A ) 115/10 (19 Overs)
Niket Kumar 30, Prashant Manne 15 not out, Ahmed Fazal 16
Irving Mustangs Bowling: Junaid Khan 3-0-9-1, Ali Sheikh 4-0-28-2, Soorya Selvakumar 4-0-31-3, Nosthush Kenjige 3-0-20-4

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