MYCA Announces Progressive Plans For 2019 After AGM MYCA Announces Progressive Plans For 2019 After AGM
Maryland Youth Cricket Association

MYCA Announces Progressive Plans For 2019 After AGM

News January 23, 2019 admin

On Sunday, the Maryland Youth Cricket Association met in Burtonsville for its Annual General Meeting. Here are the major takeaways:

Maryland Youth Cricket is stronger than ever
In 2018, MYCA collected over $29,000 in income, a $20,000 increase from the previous year, and finished 2018 with over $7,000 in holdings. What once was a small operation now requires Quickbooks to track its finances.

In 2019, MYCA will pursue 501c3 (federal tax exempt) status, office of President to be abolished
In conjunction with the decision to become a federally tax-exempt organization, MYCA governance will be modified effective March 2019, as the Executive Committee will vote to become the Board of Directors. Each organization participating in MYCA competitions will, as before, select a representative to this body. This individual will now be known as a Director. The office of President, held by Jamie Harrison since the organization’s creation in 2010, will cease to exist. An election among the BOD will be held at its March meeting to fill, for one-year terms, the following roles: Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

Finance Committee Created
To manage the increasing volume of sponsorships and commercial demands of the organization, a Finance Committee has been created. The committee will be led by Sandan Kumar, with Kareem Syed assisting.

Maryland Youth Cricket App in Development
A CricClubs Maryland Youth Cricket app is now in development. The app, to be called MDYouthCricket, will be available for download on iTunes and Google Play, and will come with many Maryland-specific scoring customizations:

• Variations in the playing conditions across five divisions will be reflected in the app

• Scoring flexibility to include developmental leagues and school matches

• Allow more than 11 players for 11U division

• Allow 2-innings format for 11U and Girls divisions

• Allow shorter versions of games for elementary and middle school leagues

• Calculate bonus points automatically

• Provides a separate domain for web-based applications so that it can be directly linked from websites

Semi-Professional Coaches To Be Sought For Maryland State Teams
In 2019, MYCA will continue to develop its state teams in keeping with its goal of making these teams the most prestigious in Maryland, and the last stop for talented players before national team selection. In conjunction with this, MYCA will look for the right opportunities to semi-professionalize the positions of head coach at both the 14U and 16U levels.

2019 Volunteer Coaches for State Teams
14U and 14U-A: Hemant Samuel, Ajith Haridas, Roy Fernando, Sandan Kumar, Rajesh Kajale
16U and 16U-A: Falgun Patel, Kareem Syed, Shaffeel Ahmed, Sudhir Yezhuvath, Anup Shah

Coaches are conducting indoor practices at SuperOver Sports through March 31; 2-hour sessions every other week.

Better Paid Umpire Class
To accomplish our goal of having a neutral umpire at all MYCA matches, MYCA will increase pay for umpires up to a maximum of $80 per 20-over match. Umpires will all wear black polos in 2019 with the MYCA logo on the sleeve and the sponsor logo on the left breast.

In addition, support for Maryland scorers will be continued and expanded through the Maryland Cricket Scorers Association.

Divisions and Playing Condition Highlights For 2019
11U – (developmental league for new players) Vinyl Ball, wickets 16 yards apart; 16 overs, teams switch roles after 8 overs
12U – 4.75oz leather ball, wickets 20 yards apart; 16 overs, each team bowls 16 overs consecutively
14U – 4.75oz leather ball, wickets 22 yards apart; 20 overs, each team bowls 20 overs consecutively
17U – 5.5oz leather ball, wicket 22 yards apart; 20 overs, each team bowls 20 overs consecutively
Girls – Tennis ball, wickets 16 yards apart; 16 overs, teams switch roles after 8 overs

Free substitutions permitted in the 11U & Girls divisions; Super-Sub fielders permitted in 12U, 14U & 17U, including wicketkeeper, and bat OR bowl. Prior to start of game, coaches should present team list to umpire and opposing team and include their Super-Sub.

Junior Cricket Season Dates
The jam-packed Maryland junior cricket season bowls its first ball on April 27. The next important milestone is the WCL Memorial Day tournament, followed closely by Championship Day on June 22, when Maryland state champions in five youth divisions will be crowned. Championship Day will be hosted by the Bowie Boys and Girls Club, which last hosted the state championships in 2015. Immediately following this is the NYCL tournament in North Carolina, which will feature Maryland state teams in the 14U & 16U categories. Throughout late July and August we will see clubs participating in the Support-A-Child (SAC) tournament, and then on Labor Day weekend Maryland state teams will participate in the Capital Youth Cricket Championship. September and October are typically available for ad hoc tours and other one-off matches.

Pathway To Adult Cricket To Be Strengthened
In 2020, MYCA will sponsor a team in one of the adult leagues (Washington Cricket League or Washington Metro Cricket Board) as a place for teens aging out of MYCA to continue their development.