Starting in early 2009, American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah began working on getting a viable cricket team going at the University Of Florida (UF), but the Gators could not in time for either the 2009 or 2010 national Championships.

Gators' Krishna Dase with Shiv Chanderpaul when he UCF & UF students in Florida last year.

In September 2010 UF student Krishna Dase came into the picture, and working with Jodah got a team together for the November American College Cricket Southeast Championship. American College Cricket was able to ensure the team got equipment and proper uniforms, and even resulted in Gators college media writing about cricket for the first time ever in history. ACC CEO Nino DiLoreto made a special trip to present the equipment.

Just 6 months later, cricket is making another huge step in college campuses, as Gators’ freshman Ricky Nayar was nominated for the Male Athlete of the Year Award, the winner to be announced at the Club Sports Award Banquet on April 21st.

The Gators are of course, one of the biggest sports names in the USA, so this recognition for a cricket player is amazing progress for the game!

Nayar excelled at the Southeast Championship, including making a magnificent 65 which almost took his team to victory in the Finals. He was one of the 5 nominees for the MVP Award for the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Award, having scored a century, and taken 5 wickets in the same game.

Ricky Nayar playing a scoop shot against Auburn at the ACC Southeast Championship.

Krishna Dase was nominated for the “Leadership Award”. Even before a team takes the field it takes a lot of hard work by the Club President, and executive board, and Dase’s drive and initiative ensured the team could be a part of American College Cricket, the stage that resulted in these nominations.

Ricky Nayar said: “Thank you and American College Cricket….I got nominated for athlete of the year at UF because of my performances in the regional and nationals of American College Cricket. I never dreamt of this recognition for cricket in college.”

Krishna Dase said: “We thank you and American College Cricket for giving us the opportunity to grow, learn and enjoy professionally. Feel proud to be a part of American College Cricket and to get recognized by our University on an impressive note.”