Sarjoo XI vs East Bank

Neville Sarjoo Memorial Game Set For July 21

News July 11, 2018 admin

A star studded line-up will be on display Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at the fifth annual Neville Sarjoo memorial game. It is an event orchestrated by Ricardo Sarjoo the youngest son of the family in memory of his dad Mr. Neville Sarjoo.

Neville Sarjoo

Neville Sarjoo

Mr. Neville Sarjoo was a true cricket icon of Guyana who was murdered back in 1998.

The game will take place at the Baisley Park (Cage) located at the corner of Foch Blvd., and Barron Street in Queens, game time is 1 p.m.

The line-up for the two teams are:
East Bank: Debo Sankar (Captain), Robin Sarjoo, Steve Massiah, Shameer (Joey) Sadloo, Royo Sankar, Shiv Raghubar, Steve Raghubar, Tamesh Balwant, Telston Johnson, Eion Katchay, Fiaz Samad, Vijay Persaud, Sohan Dass, Zaheer Sadloo and Coach by Johnny Khilawan

Sarjoo 11: Ricardo Sarjoo (Captain), Dilly Khilawan, Dino Chooweenam, Terrence Madramootoo, Trevor Henry, Domenick Rikhi, Leon Mohabir, Denesh Deonarine, Jason Rooney, Altaaaf Habibulla, Jamiel Jackman, Wahid Ward and Joel Boodhoo.

For more information please contact Ricardo Sarjoo at 646-878-6847.