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New NCCA Board to Focus on Youth League in 2019

NewsNorth West February 13, 2019 admin

New NCCA Board to Focus on Youth League in 2019
Members of the league at the AGM.

Northern California Cricket Association (NCCA) recently held its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a meeting of its Board of Directors (BoD). It was one of the most important AGMs and BoD meetings in the recent past with new Board members assuming their responsibilities and electing key committees for NCCA’s 2019 operations.

Biju Nair NCCA President presented his annual report and discussed plans for the 2019 season. Match Secretaries Alan Weedy and Krish Chellakarai presented updated those present on the upcoming league schedules, registration, etc., followed by a 2018 Financial Report by Treasurer Sridhar Reddy. The Treasurer also submitted a proposed 2019 Budget, which was approved by the Board. NCCA is no doubt proud and thankful for its BoD placing the emphasis and a focus on Youth Cricket, by approving those critical elements of the 2019 budget.

The AGM and BoD also passed many critical Constitutional changes to help improve the quality and providing greater player participation in the NCCA.

Key changes were –
• All Players may play both days during the weekend. The previous limitation of one (1) game per weekend is no longer a restriction

Biju Nair
Northern California Cricket Association President Biju Nair address the meeting.

• All Premier League Divisions will have a play-off scheduled to decide the Championship, while promotion and relegation will be based on the ranking status of league games

• The Board unanimously approved a budget that focuses on the Youth League

Anuj Patel was unanimously elected Chairman of the Board with the following members elected to the Board, along with Committee Chairpersons.

Selection Committee:
1. Shantanu Divekar (Chairman) from Santa Clara Cricket Club
2. Sunny Singh from Cougars Cricket Club
3. Nirav Shah from Davis Cricket Club

Rules Committee:
1. Gayam Govardhan (Chairman) from Santa Clara Cricket Club
2. Nirav Shah from Davis Cricket Club
3. Aalok Desai from EYCA

Match Committee:
1. Nitin Patlola, Chairman from Indus Cricket Club
2. Gayam Govardhan (Chairman) from Santa Clara Cricket Club
3. Barry Manogaran from Bay Area Cricket Club

Biju Nair, President NCCA will appoint the other ad hoc committee members after reviewing the nominations. 2019 seems is shaping up to be a very busy cricketing year for NCCA.

President Nair referred to the 2019 AGM as one of the most historical AGMs enabling more the participation of more players and an added focus on youth cricket. He thanked the entire Board and the community for their support in building the momentum for NCCA to enter in 127th year of operations.