In an effort to enhance the cricket experience for both players and fans in the New York metropolitan area, we at have officially partner with prominent scoring app company to provide a platform for recording the efforts of players in the Eastern American Cricket Association League, New York Premier Cricket League and others.

Kerk Higgins at his desk in the park during the New York Cricket Region Under-19 Tri-Series tournament. Photo by Shiek Mohamed.

Officials from and CricHQ met two weeks ago and devised a plan to feature schedules, scorecards and match results on

Shiek Mohamed of in welcoming the initiative, said “It was always our ambition to have something like this app since the inception of our site, I am very grateful for the work that CricHQ and its staff are doing for cricket in New York and worldwide.”

He also stated, “Cricketers in the USA and especially us in New York are very encouraged with all of the features which CricHQ and the app brings to cricket, it will truly help with the collection of the statistics of players which is so important to the game.”

Kerk Higgins who recently scored for the International Cricket Council (ICC) tournament in Florida will head the department of scoring, input of scores, schedules and data.

We at encourage the leagues and clubs to come on board with CricHQ.

About CricHQ
CricHQ was founded in 2010 and today has 50+ staff in 7 countries. According to a statement from CricHQ, “Our staff loves, live and play cricket.” Developed by cricketers for cricketers the CricHQ technology platform delivers benefits to everyone in the cricketing community.

National governing bodies, domestic and regional associations and clubs utilize our cricket administration module to help them manage their cricket competitions and data. Scorers and coaches utilize both our web and mobile based technology to score matches and deliver improved coaching at all levels. Players and fans can follow the game better than ever before and enjoy a level of statistical information, live matches, online profiles and media content previously unavailable.”

“Cricket in New York and the USA as a whole is growing fast, and we at CricHQ want to help with the development and growth of the game by supplying Leagues and other cricket organizations with our world-class software for scoring and competition management. Shiek and Kerk at are helping pioneer these efforts in the New York region” Jamie Lloyd – Managing Director of CricHQ USA Inc.

From grass roots to grandstands CricHQ is becoming the online home of cricket.

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