Commonwealth Cricket League
Schenectady, NY – On a smoldering, sweltering, sauna-like day, Seven Star produced two stars who led the way to a 5 run victory over Tri-City in a limited 35 over Commonwealth League Premier Division match Sunday July 14th, 2013.

Moshin Khan struck an unbeaten 106 in Seven Star win over Tri-City. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

After winning the toss, Seven Star elected to bat, anticipating a quick outfield and a fast wicket.  To that end, Mohsin Khan and Andy Patel set out to build a defendable total.

However, Tri-City openers John Florent and Theron Blair had other ideas.  With their typical stinginess, both pacemen pounded in the deliveries, effectively tying both batsmen’s hands and restricting the run rate significantly in the early going.  In fact, Seven Star’s opening partnership limped to a feeble 27 runs before the first wicket fell.  And the wickets continued to fall, but Khan batted on unhindered, despite a few lucky chances that kept him at the crease.

Still, Tri-City were confident, as wickets fell at regular intervals with few runs to show for it.  Ashok Addikopula and Anil Sahaman took over for Florent and Blair and began to do some damage, slicing through the middle order with relative ease.

It was not to last, however.  By the time the sixth wicket had fallen, Seven Star’s Khan had managed to quietly inch the run rate up to 5 an over with patience and skill.  Khan dispatched virtually every loose delivery to the boundary, and ran quickly and confidently between the wickets to rack up dozens of doubles and singles.  Tri-City’s fielders and bowlers were continually under pressure, and responded well with a series of wickets that seemed to be turning the tide.

Unfortunately for the hometown boys, a 165 run 7th wicket partnership sealed their fate.  Enter Tim Persaud, Seven Star’s flashy heavy hitter.  In a positively electrifying display of sheer aggression, Persaud came on in the 20th over and put on a show.  Unlike his more classic, controlled teammate Khan, Persaud preferred a “lash and smash” style of batting.  From almost the moment he strode to the crease, he announced his intentions, slamming a boundary off of the second delivery he faced.  Persaud then went on to record a brilliant 72 runs, including FIVE boundaries and SIX sixes in twelve overs!   By the time John Florent silenced him with a nasty delivery that shattered the stumps, Seven Star‘s run rate was over 7, and they had 250 runs on the board.  They would add 24 more to end on 274/8 in 35 overs, the most that had been scored in Grout Park this season.  Tri-City’s beleaguered bowling corps were led by Addikopula’s 3/47, Blair’s 1/32 and Florent’s 1/38.

Still, all was not lost.  Tri-City bats deep and has many talented weapons of their own.  Yes, 275 runs was a hefty target, but with the prodigious skills of Uncle Mike Persaud and his nephew Richie Persaud, the hometown side was confident they could chase the runs.

Things started off well, as both Persaud’s wasted little time getting after the opening bowling of Seven Star, scoring 21 runs in the first three overs.  Unfortunately the elder Persaud was bowled by another namesake, Tim Persaud (yes, the same one of “big Tonker” fame from the visitor’s innings…), and was summarily dismissed to the pavilion.  Despite this loss, Tri-City were humming along at that point with a healthy seven per over run rate.

Seven Star struck quickly and snagged the younger Persaud’s wicket, but that simply left the tandem of Fizel Husain and Ajai Ishmael at the crease to make a stand.  And make a stand they did.  Just as their counterparts on Seven Star had done before, Husain and Ishmael put on a batting clinic of their own.  Every loose delivery was dispatched quickly from the ground, either through the air or over the boundary.  And even the good deliveries were taken advantage of with some quick running between the wickets.

Unfortunately, the sun was blazing, and the two batsmen began to show visible signs of distress, despite rotating the strike effectively and keeping the run rate high.  With a high total to get, they fought valiantly, but eventually the heat took its toll, and Ishmael retired hurt with solid 44 runs under his belt.

However, as was mentioned before, Tri-City bats deep, and new life and fresh legs entered the batting partnership as Anil Sahaman took over for the exhausted Ishmael.  Well, fresh legs weren’t necessary at first, as Sahaman promptly began a furious assault on Seven Star’s bowling corps that included five boundaries in the first eight deliveries.  It was a magnificent display of thunderous power and timing from “the Hammer”.  The one fly in the ointment; it was just a little too late.

As the overs continued to melt away in the searing July sun, even Sahaman’s heroics were not enough.  Raymond Cecil did his best to help bring things home in support at the end, but the two Tri-City Master Blasters fell five runs short, ending on 270/4.  Sahaman finished with an unbeaten 68, with six fours and three monstrous sixes to his credit.  Cecil finished on 28 in support, with three boundaries and six of his own.  Overall, Tri-City showed a balanced batting attack, but just ran out of time.

This was a TOUGH loss for Tri-City, who are fighting for the last playoff spot in the Premier Division, but it was a well-played match, and thrilling for the many spectators who came out to watch.  Seven Star were great competitors, even better sportsmen, and truly played the game as it was meant to be played.  It was also nice that they stuck around afterward to socialize and share some food.   Truly a great day of cricket, and a doff of the cap to Seven Star.  Well played, sirs!  Hope to see you again in the playoffs.

Tri-City vs. Seven Star

Type: 35 Overs
Date: 07/14/13
Ground: Grout Park
Toss: Seven Star
Umpire: Alton Brisport


BATSMAN     HOWOUT   FIELDER   BOWLER   R   B   M   4s   6s  
Mohsin Khan Not out Not out Not out 106 x x 11 0
Andy Patel Run out Run out Run out 10 x x 1 0
Vejai Seonarine Caught Anil Sahaman Ashok Addikopula 18 x x 2 1
Sunildat Dat Caught John Florent Theron Blair 0 x x 0 0
Boyce Jewth Caught behind Mahindra Prasad Ashok Addikopula 10 x x 1 1
Samuel Dukes caught Fixel Husain Ashok Addikopula 6 x x 0 0
Richie Patel Caught and bowled n/a Anil Sahaman 2 x x 0 0
Tim Persaud Bowled n/a John Florent 72 x x 6 6
Alvin Kalimootoo Run out Run out Run out 0 x x 0 0
Krish Ketwaroo Not out Not out Not out 0 x x 0 0

Extras 50 (40 wd, 4nb, 4b, 2lb)
TOTAL: 274/8 in 35 overs
Fall Of Wickets (Wkt/Score): 1/26; 2/53; 3/54; 4/65; 5/88; 6/91; 7/256; 8/264

OVERS   MAIDENS   RUNS   WKTS   wides   noballs  
John Florent 7 1 38 1 6 0
Theron Blair 7 0 32 1 2 1
Ashok Addikopula 7 0 47 3 5 7
Anil Sahaman 7 0 67 1 11 0
Raymond Cecil 4 0 52 0 7 0
John Persaud 3 0 30 0 3 0


BATSMAN     HOWOUT   FIELDER   BOWLER   R   B   M   4s   6s  
Richie Persaud Caught Mohsin Khan Sunildat Dat 17 x x 2 1
Mike Persaud Bowled n/a Tim Persaud 5 x x 0 0
Fizel Husain Caught Mohsin Khan Krish Ketwaroo 74 x x 6 4
Ajai Ishmael Retired hurt Retired hurt Retired hurt 44 x x 4 0
Anil Sahaman Not out Not out Not out 68 x x 6 3
John Florent Caught behind Andy Patel Richie Patel 8 x x 0 0
Raymond Cecil Not out Not out Not out 28 x x 3 1

Extras 26 (14 wd, 0nb, 9b, 3lb)
TOTAL: 270/4 in 35 Overs 
Fall Of Wickets (Wkt/Score): 1/27; 2/29; 3/151; 4/202

Seven Star
OVERS   MAIDENS   RUNS   WKTS   wides   noballs  
Tim Persaud 7 2 14 1 3 0
Sunildat Dat 3 0 25 1 1 0
Mohsin Khan 3 0 34 0 3 0
Vejal Seonarine 7 0 64 0 2 0
Krish Ketwaroo 7 0 47 1 0 0
Richie Patel 7 0 73 1 2 0