Brooklyn Cricket League Games Summary

Shallow And Audain Posted Record 252 Runs Partnership

New YorkNews August 19, 2021 admin

Summary of games from the Brooklyn Cricket League which took place on Aug. 14th and 15th, 2021.

Hyron Shallow and Mark Audain
Hyron Shallow (left) and Mark Audain after their record partnership.

Spartans vs Middlesex
On 8/14/21 on a heavily grassed outfield at Marine Park B, Spartan won the toss against Middlesex and elected to take first strike, they scored 253 for 9 from 33.3 overs. Captain Asad Anwar produced a superb century 109, (7 x4s, 11 x 6s), good support came from Iftikar Ahmed with a brilliant 90 (6 x 4s, 7 x 6s). Bowling for Middlesex, Hyron Shallow 7/0/55/4, David Livingston the off spinner 7/0/42/2, Mark Audain 7/1/51/2. Middlesex in reply posted 254 for 1, a fantastic opening partnership of 252 runs by Hyron Shallow the former St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Windward Island batsman produce a splendid 170 runs (6 x 4s, 15 x 6s). Mark Audain the Captain, former St. Vincent and the Grenadines youth player give great support with a polished 68 not out (7 x 4s). Middlesex won by 9 wickets.

Diplomats vs Gladiators
Diplomats won by 3 wickets when they met Gladiators. Gladiators posted 168/7, Waqaz Ahmed 70 not out, Arbab Awan 35, Daryl Heerasingh 6/2/12/3, Nayim Ahmed 6/0/25/2. Diplomats in response scored 169/7, Daryl Heerasingh 35 not out, Akbar Haider 41, the veteran Selwyn Ramphal 29, Sheikh Shoaib 6/0/24/2, Jawad Mehdi 6/0/31/2.

Brooklyn Challengers vs Cavaliers
Brooklyn Challengers won by 195 runs against Cavaliers. Brooklyn Challengers responded with 252/6, Badar Shabbir 95, Harjeet Singh 54 not out, Modeen Ali 42, Orlando Mofford 5/0/31/3, Venn Stanisclaus 5/0/64/2. Cavaliers 57 all out, Orlando Mofford 28, Badar Shabbir 3/1/5/4, Michael Joseph 2.1/0/6/3.

Diplomats vs New York Power
On 8/15/21, Diplomats won by 5 wickets when they met with New York Power. New York Power scored 84/9, Furgan Ali 4.4/0/15/4. Diplomats hit off the required run, 85/5, Ayoune Kundu 28, Mitul Das 26 not out, Usman Zafar 5.1/0/19/2.

Diamond vs Middlesex
Diamond won by 7 wickets against Middlesex. Middlesex scored 171 all out, Hyron Shallow 42, Captain Mark Audain 34, Denville McKenzie 21, Holson Baker 17. Ali Shah 5/1/22/5, Bilal Awan 7/1/16/2. Diamond 174/3, Minhas Chaudhry a fantastic 93 not out, Mohammed Majid Bhutta 32, Milik Qadeer 29, Mickey Lynch 2/0/30/1, Denville McKenzie 4/0/18/1, Hyron Shallow 4/1/14/1.

Avengers vs New York Powers
Avengers won by 7 wickets in their clash with New York Power. New York Power 128 all out, Ben Halt 42 not out, Aibaq Chowdhury 27, Mohammed Imran a fantastic spell 7/1/36/6, Kamran Aziz 4/0/29/2. Avengers 120/3, Ahmed Azeem 38, Alique Maqsood 24, Asad Chowdhary 24.

Report compiled by Mark Audain