LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA: The Board of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) today released the next stage of an agreed plan with the ICC to significantly widen the direct involvement of USACA Members in setting the new direction for US cricket. The Board is committed to having all members vote on a new USACA Constitution at a Special General Meeting, to be held during summer 2014.

The USACA Board unanimously resolved that all leagues, associations and academies that paid their membership dues for at least eight teams in 2012 and 2013 are considered full members in good standing.

In addition, the board further unanimously resolved that those leagues, associations and academies that joined USACA in 2013 may immediately apply to change their status from provisional to full membership with these applications being considered on a ‘case by case’ basis at the USACA Board meeting to be held April 26th and 27th in Florida.

USACA President Mr. Gladstone Dainty explained the next stage of the plan, “the USACA Implementation Committee has been working hard to implement the findings of the TSE governance review and as sanctioned by the members at the 2013 November AGM. The TSE Report highlighted some logical next steps and we wanted to accelerate these recommendations and widen some of them for the breadth of the US cricket community.  The intent in our charter has always been to widen the playing and support of cricket in the US.”