Stanley Lloyd of Sunrise had a devastating spell of 3-2-7-3. (Photos by Loretta Cheong)

By Morris Seecharan
In the New York Softball 15th over knockout competition Braveheart winning the toss and batting looked threatening. R. Ganesh and H. Khenlall exploded for quick runs, and in the 3rd over Braveheart were at 29 runs sitting well at favorable run rate. In the 4th over  and Stanley Lloyd on his 2nd over had Ganesh caught for 12, a deliver later Avinash was run out for 0, and in his 5th delivery had S. Deodat caught for 0.

It was an impeccable over by Stanley as he picked up 2 maiden wickets, and most notably dealt the devastating blow to Braveheart with the score 3 for 29. Stanley came back in his 3rd over took another maiden wicket have Samaroo caught for 1 with the score 31 for 4 in the 6th over. Harold Deokinanan in his first deliver picked up a maiden wicket having Khenlall caught for 12 in the 7th over with the score 33 for 5. Shane Manbodh was brought into the attack, and quickly adds on more trouble for Braveheart as he picked two quick wickets. He had O. Ganesh caught for a duck, and bowled Bisham for 5 making the score to 44 for 7.

On this hot day it looked like Braveheart was not brave enough for Sunrise bowlers, as they were wrapped up in 12 overs for 57 runs.

Sunrise team celebrates the fall of a wicket.

Stanley Lloyd, who belittle the Braveheart batsman paved the way for his teammates to bowl was on target, as his spell read 3-2-7-3; Harold Deokinanan bowled a masterpiece went for 3-1-8-2, and Shane Manbodh who pulled the plug on Braveheart batting bowled for 2-0-6-2.

Sunrise opening pair Seeram Persaud, and Roopnarine Dayal showed patience as Braveheart opening bowlers showed resilience bowled on target to protect their score.  Seeram and Dayal picket up singles trying to keep the require run rate in reply.

In the 5th over Seeram was caught behind off the first delivery from S. Deodat with the score at 17. Dayal was caught off the bowling R. Ganesh in the 6th over with score at 24. Braveheart bowlers bowled effectively kept Sunrise batsmen off their target.

However, Kalif Salim lead Stanley Lloyd to break open the game for Sunrise as he quickly scored runs, and made an in important partnership of 24 runs. Stanley was stumped for 6 in the 10th over and Kalif bowled for 17 in 11th over with the score 52 for 4. Shane Manbodh came on and finished up the game with Selwyn Cheong for a long awaiting and deserving win for Sunrise 58 for 4 in 11.2 overs.

Braveheart bowler bowled their heart, but the runs were too little to defend. A. Samaroo 3-0-9-1, S. Deodat 2-07-1, R. Ganesh 2-0-13-1, and H. Kenlall 1-0-9-1.