By Morris Seecharan
Playing their first 2010 season match still mourning the unfortunate loss of their late Manger Mr. Hargobin Singh who passed away on April 6, 2007, the Sunrise players stayed focus and manufactured their first win.

Teams observed a moment of silence in honor of Hargobin Singh. Photos by Loretta Cheong

As Mr. Eric Ferrier, current NYS League president puts it, “Mr. Hargo was one of the pillars for softball cricket in New York, he worked with the WISA league and helps to create the NYS League”. At the NYS meeting last Friday April 9, 2010 on Eric Ferrier summed up it up perfectly that Mr. Hargo was a person that management look up to for advice, and tells it like it is. Mr. Hargo was a man of conviction; a leading and exemplified member of the leagues disciplinary committee; an exceptional planner/organizer and was the master of Ceremony for several of NYS League’s presentation ceremonies. He was a great loss for NYS Softball League and Softball cricket at large in New York.

As the Manger of the Sunrise Cricket Club for ten year Mr. Hargo was a dignified leader and his contributions had no boundaries. He cared for his players not only in the capacity of cricket but was available for personal advice and guidance. He was not just a manager to his players but a friend and mentor. Above all his steadfast loyalty and principles was the light that guides the Sunrise team. Mr. Hargo cannot be replaced, but has established a strong foundation for the Sunrise cricket club that his current mangers and core players will built upon.

Last Sunday the Sunrise club set out to play their first match against NY All Star at 150th and Conduit without Mr. Hargo, the light that guided them over the years. However, the niche of the old players and the new faces of Sunrise looked very bonded after their pep talk by current management and captain.

The late Hargobin Singh.

NY All Star won the toss and decided to bat as Kalif Salim was asked to open the bowling attack followed by Kris Narine. From the get go the pitch welcomed the new ball as Kalif open with a maiden and Kris in his second over bowled a maiden picking up his first wicket and the score at 10. Kris bowling was penetrating on this pitch and his captain Deryck Basdeo kept him in the rotation for his allotted 5 overs.

At the end of his spell Kris had an immaculate bowling 5 overs, 3 maidens, 16 runs, 3 wickets. The Stars was 3 for 17 in the 8th overs and found themselves struggling to score. At the break, NY All Star was 49 for 4, as Harold Deokinanan pickup picked up a wicket.

In their second spell NY batsman D. Singh and S. Dharampaul managed to settle down and showed resistance to Sunrise bowlers. They would capitalized with Sunrise loose bowling, to build a partnership of 59 runs but D. Singh was caught off the bowling of Deryck Basdeo for 20 and the score at 82. Deryck would then take command of the remaining batting line up for the Stars as wicking keep dropping at close interval.

S. Dharampaul who top score with 34 for NY All star was cleaned bowled by Deryck. The reaming batters for the Stars were not able to score as Deryck knock down 2 more stumps which took the starts out of NY All Stars. Kalif was introduce back to close out the game knock down the final stump to close out NY All star in the 24th overs and the score at 120 runs all out.

Deryck Basdeo

Deryck showed great posture in his bowling lead his team with a total of 4 wickets went for 5-0-23-4; Kalif Salim was 4.4-1-18-1; Harold Deokinanan was 4-1-18-1.

In reply Sunrise opening pair started on target but in the same manner the 1 wicket fell in the 4th overs with the score at 11. The captain himself Deryck joined Roopnarine Dayal, who was settling well, finding the gaps to score. Together Deryck and Dayal look confident as Deryck who was dropped early started to lead his player and taking control.

Unfortunately Dayal was run out when the score was 31 in the 7th over. Ricky Deenu joined Deryck and did not last as he was quickly caught of the bowling of S. Arjune and the score at 49.

Deryck stayed around and build at batting foundation for his team, but wicket was falling at regular intervals as well for Sunrise. However, most importantly all Sunrise batsmen was contributing which kept the required run rate ticking.

Deryck was caught for 25 playing a defensive shot that took and an usual popped right back to the bowler Arjune in the 12th overs and the score at 63. Harold Deokinanan would try and stable up Sunrise batting and at the 13 over half-time Sunrise were 69 for 5.

Kris Narine

Sunrise batsmen keeping up with run rate but noted that they were faced with the same faith as NY All Star as this pitch was a bowler friendly, and runs was not easy to come. Harold was bowled for 16 off the bowling M. Jagroop at the score of 77 for 7 in the 15th overs.

The game took a turn in favor of NY All Star, but Gerald Lloyd a new face of Sunrise showed character batting at the 8th spot. Taking over where Harold left off, Gerald hold an important end made 11 as Booby Jaimangal, Staley Lloyd, and Kalif batted stubbornly marching toward the required run. Stanley was caught in the 22 overs and Sunrise was 115 for 8.

Kalif would come in # 10 and smashed a boundary in the first ball of the 25th overs to close this game bringing Sunrise score to 123 for 9 for a well deserved win. The Sunrise batsmen showed guts put up a fight to the end. While the bowlers from NY All Star was no different as they bowled with sense. Oliver Sooman bowled for 5-0-22-3; M. Jagroop 5-0-23-3; S. Arjune 4.4-0-29-2.