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Talk Around Town is where a contributor talks about cricket issues happening in the community. These pieces are in no way meant to be hurtful to any individual, teams, organizations, etc. Enjoy the read!

American Cricket League
The American Cricket League that was once a heavyweight with predominantly expats from Barbados is now a dominant Asian contingent with 21 teams. The league has voted for a new president in Wesley King who replaced Joe Siewharack.

New York Masters League
The New York Masters League is in chaos. The NYM league (age 45 and over) has been operating without a constitution. Teams complained that the league is operating somewhat like a dictatorship since their request for a Constitution fell on deft ears.

The lack of proper jurisprudence was brought to bear when issues that occurred earlier in the season were allegedly handled in a high-handed manner, and again when players’ eligibility for the four teams that earned a spot in the playoffs raised serious concerns. That resulted in Crusaders informing the NYM that they will not participate in the playoffs after two of their players were suspended for the remaining games of the 2015 season, and first two games of the 2016 season.

Additionally, a notice of suspension was sent out on December 26. The notice wished everyone to enjoy what’s left of the festive season and informed of a two-year suspension on Crusaders (the four-time consecutive champion), and the Lion King team. No reasons were given, and that again raised an air of high-handedness. The timing of the notice was a rather crude display of the 45 years and over Masters cricket “administration,” and to include “festive season” in the “air” of such a notice was making a mockery of the teams and quite disingenuous.

The decision to suspend the teams was made by a steering committee, a committee that is perhaps without a steering wheel. It was reported that the teams requested a meeting with the “steering committee” on the matter, however, the request was denied and was given the usual frivolity. Since then nine of the 10 teams have met to formulate a new league.

Eastern American Cricket league
The Eastern American Cricket league has returned their 2015 executive body to serve in 2016 with Rudy Persaud as president. The once defunct MMZ has reapplied for membership and requested to be in Division 1. The request to override the rules that states “new teams must start in Division 2” was met with condemnation. Liberty is ready to go after a successful 2015 season, and so too are Big Apple, Everest, Richmond Hill and Atlantis.

Alex Amsterdam of Atlantis CC was one of players from the US vying for a contract in the Caribbean Premier League was not bought during the bidding process which was held on Thursday, Feb. 11.

Metropolitan Cricket League
The Metropolitan Cricket League AGM is schedule for Feb 20, 2016. Big promises are again in the air as usual during election time. The league seems to be sinking slowly as it is down to 12 teams from 22 teams only a few years ago. Westbury, Cosmos, Queens United, Progressive and Lucas cricket clubs are still holding on strong. The word on the side is that the last two elections were a farce and the league has since struggled to learn their alphabet, maybe, teams like Mid Island may try to pull one of their tricks again and then fall out after a few games. The River Valley team in  Poughkeepsie may sink as the word around town is that their field is up for sale.

New York Cricket League
The New York Cricket League (NYCL) is still holding on to their reins with about eight teams after a two year hiatus when the NYC Parks Department  decided to give Van Courtland Park (once the Mecca of cricket in New York) a face-lift. The move practically squeezed the NYCL from having 15 cricket fields at Van Courtland Park to just 5 cricket fields, and not a question could have been echoed to the Parks authorities. There could not have been a more dismissive action against the game of cricket in The Bronx by the NYC Parks Department, as the 110 year old New York Cricket League became a stranger in their own homeland backyard.

Commonwealth Cricket League
The Commonwealth Cricket League (CCL) has been growing rapidly while all the other five leagues in the area are shrinking. The CCL is skyscrapers above the rest with approximately 100 teams in 2015 and counting in 2016. Seven Stars cricket club has been leading the way in that arena. The CCL begins their schedule if possible in March and can go until November. It takes a good man to keep so many teams together. Good luck Commonwealth.

Brooklyn Cricket League
The once blooming Brooklyn Cricket League is limping along on broken bottles with just a handful of teams. Their decline seems to range from administrative to a clash of cultures. The rulers of Marine Park in Brooklyn are no longer a force.

Bangladeshi Cricket League
The Bangladeshi Cricket League is moving at a fast pace with no shortage of funding.  It’s a Saturday league.

Pro League
Talk of a Pro-league is in the air blowing from New Jersey to New York. According to sources the winner’s purse may be $50,000 and the registration fee is $5000. The league is hoping to attract about 20 teams.

New York Cricket Region
It appears as if lawlessness has been the order of the day in some areas of The New York Region, and The New York Region Executive Board is no different. The board comprising the presidents of the various leagues has been operating without a Constitution for sometime. The Region Executives is expected to meet soon to review and adopt a Constitution.

According to a source, the NYR has been very tardy in their financial and other reports; a behavior that appears acceptable to those who parade as promoters of cricket in the region.

The office of chairman for the New York Region is up for grabs. Sources have revealed there are some rather troubling developments between the qualified and the noise makers. If noise making is the direction, then the region is doomed. Sign up.

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