Wajid Sultan
Wajid Sultan of Desi Hitterz struck a magnificent 106 against Spartans.

Here is a summary of games from the Brooklyn Cricket League on June 25th and 26.

Desi Hitterz vs Spartans
On 6.25.22

Desi Hitterz won by 193 runs against Spartans. Desi Hitterz 336/5 from 29.5 overs, Wajid Sultan a magnificent 106, Khawar Farid 63, Rizwan Ahmed 46 not out, Shamraiz Ali 37. Bowling for Spartans Abdullah Khan 4/0/44/2. Spartans 143/8, Sajjad Ahmed 29 not out, Asad Anwar 24, Rizwan Ahmed 3.5/0/44/3, Adnan Perviaz 4/0/13/2.

Middlesex vs New York Power
Marine Park A, New York Power won by 7 wickets vs Middlesex. Middlesex 170 all out, Odean Cunningham 39, Hyron Shallow 24, Captain Mark Audain 22, Nathaniel McDavid former Trinidad and Tobago under 19 spinner on debut 7/2/23/2. New York Power 174/3, Mark Audain 6/1/32/2.

Avengers vs Diplomats
Avengers won by 5 runs when they played Diplomats. Diplomats 138 all out, Avengers 143/3, Zeeshan Khan 51 not out, Asad Chaudhry 44 not out, Masood Mirza 24.

Junoon vs Rising Stars
Junoon won by 7 wickets. Rising Stars 189/9 , Ejaz Abbas 45, Kamran Mian 24, Salman Sarfraz 7/0/41/4, Adnan Naseem 7/0/29/2. Junoon 192/3, Ijaz Butt 63, Syed Haider Ali 50, Haroon Rehman 7.1/0/39/2.

New York Diamond vs Middlesex
On 6/26/22

Marine Park C, New York Diamond won by 114 runs. New York Diamonds 255/8 from 35 overs, Ali Umair Anjum 65, Syed Azeem Haider 57, Fahad Riaz 50, Captain Kazam Shahzad 30 not out, Hyron Shallow 7/0/61/5, Rawle Jackman 4/0/30/2. Middlesex 141 all out, Captain Mark Audain 49, Zarfar Syed Abdullah 30. Bowling for New York Diamonds, Captain Kazam Shahzad 4.5/0/11/4, Fahd Riaz 5/0/11/2.

Brooklyn Challengers vs Brooklyn Falcons
Brooklyn Falcons won by 6 wickets, Brooklyn Challengers 111 all out, Zameer Akhtar 27, Rizwan Akram 2.2/1/6/3, Rameez Sadiq 7/1/51/3, Umair Hanif 6/0/23/2. Brooklyn Falcons 112/4, Azrab Cheema 30 not out, Irfan Naseem 23.
Report compiled by Mark Audain

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