Syed Abdullah batting, usa cricket Syed Abdullah, us cricketer Syed Abdullah batting, usa club cricket, us league cricket
Syed Abdullah hit 163 and guided Sheffield Cricket Club to victory against Atlantis Cricket Club. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Metropolitan Cricket League
Atlantis Cricket Club vs Sheffield Cricket Club

On Aug. 10th. 2019, Atlantis Cricket Club lost to Sheffield Cricket Club by 4 wickets. Atlantis Cricket Club 282/4, Randall Wilson a superb 120, Jamaica player Yannick Elliott 75, Winston Forrester 36, Alex Amsterdam 24 not out, Syed Abdullah 3/0/25/2. Sheffield Cricket Club 283/6, Syed Abdullah a magnificent 163, Dwayne Smith 34, Zahib 27, Joseph Brown 6/0/42/2.

randal wilson, randal wilson of atlantis cricket club
Randall Wilson scored 120 for Atlantis Cricket Club. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Atlantis Cricket Club vs Sheffield Cricket Club
On Aug. 11th, 2019, Atlantis Cricket Club was victorious against Sheffield Cricket Club. Atlantis Cricket Club 123 all out from 34.4 overs, Randall Wilson 38, Alex Amsterdam 34. Sheffield Cricket Club 86 all out, Zahib Tariq 23, Syed Abdullah 22, Yannick Elliott Jamaica national player 7/0/16/6, USA player and Atlantis skipper Alex Amsterdam 3.1/0/8/2.

Villagers Social and Athletic Club vs Lucas Cricket Club
On Aug. 11th. 2019, Villagers Social and Athletic Club won against Lucas Cricket Club by 8 wickets. Lucas Cricket Club 170/9, Oval Crawford 82, Abrahim Zahoor 17. Marvin Darlington 8/0/38/3, Rashard Marshall 4/1/9/2, Villagers Social and Athletic club 171/2, Glenn Hall 73, Melroy Kingston 45, Rashard Marshall 30 not out.

Westbury vs Progressive
On Aug. 11th, 2019, Westbury thrash Progressive by 325 runs. Westbury 403/6 from 35 overs, Kemar Marshall continue his prolific form this season with a magnificent 156, Mohamed Sushaat 103, Richards Allen 28, Horace Porter 22, Extras 52. Michael Bennett 7/0/95/3. Progressive Cricket Club 78/7, Durale Forrest 33, Joseph Palmer 4.3/0/16/3, Neive McNally 5/0/25/2.

Chandrapaul Roopnarine
Chandrapaul Roopnarine led Middlesex battting with a superb 52.

Brooklyn Cricket League
Middlesex vs Diplomats

On Aug. 11th, 2019, Middlesex railroad Diplomats by 8 wickets. Diplomats 103 all out from 24 overs, Delan Andrew 24, Chandrapaul Roopnarine 6/1/18/2, Sunil Orie 2/0/11/2, Kavir Singh 4/0/16/1, Alston Bacchus 6/1/28/1, Rawle Jackman 6/0/24/1. Middlesex 106/2, Chandrapaul Roopnarine a brilliant 52 not out.

Garden State Cricket League
Queens City vs Trinijersey

Queen City won by 13 runs against Trinjersey. Queen City 144 all out, Dinesh Jagmohon 40, Khemraj Narine 28, Mark McIntosh 20, Sheldon Bhurasingh 2.2/0/5/3, David Forbes 5/1/6/2, Osvon Raffington 6/0/20/2, Steven Jones 7/1/46/2. Trinjersey 131 all out. Camron Mizra 21, Christopher Jones 21, Christopher Persaud 4.3/0/19/3, Mark McIntosh 8/0/14/2, Vishnu Behari 7/1/21/2, Valmesk Persaud 8/2/24/2.

Georgia Supreme Twwenty20 League
Atlanta Starling Sports Club vs Combine Sports Club

Atlanta Starling Sports Club won by 23 runs when they played Combine Sports Club. Atlanta Starling Sports Club 170/9 from 20 overs, Andre Bailey 54, Orande Pearson 51, Kemar Parchment 20, Kishawan Graham 4/0/37/3, Courtney Gabbadon 4/0/29/2. Combine Sports Club 147/8, Kishawan Graham 66, Alex Brandon 37, Andre Bailey 4/0/13/3, Jessie Alexander 4/0/16/2, Jamel Morgan 4/0/19/2.

UBA Rattlers vs United
UBA Rattlers defeated United by 7 wickets. United 148/8, Mukesh Seelal 71, Ramash Munna 19, Carlos Green 13, Caswaine McDonald 4/0/17/3, Oneill Hylton 4/0/16/2. UBA Rattlers 144/3, Archit Patel 84, Oneil Hylton 20, Khubchand Seamber 4/0/29/2, Carlos Green 3/0/18/1.

United vs Tropical
United won by 41 runs whey they met Tropical. United 178/5, Jefery Scott 50, Romash Munna 42, Mukesh Seelal 25, Adrian Bartley 3/0/28/2. Tropical 137 all out, Marlando Walters 37, Patrick Harris 39, Paul Green 4/0/29/3, Jefery Scott 3/0/18/4.

Jamaica Cricket Association 59 overs
Manchester vs Trelawny Cricket Association

Manchester won against Trelawny Cricket Association by 201 runs. Manchester Cricket Association 376/8 from 46 overs, Jamie Merchant a brilliant 102, Jamain Morgan 69, Sherdon Allen 51, Nicholas Walters 35 and Javrdi Francis 32 not out. Osburn Palmer 10/0/74/3, Oneil Parchment 9/1/63/2. Trelawny Cricket Association 175 all out, Devany Burnett 68, Damian Samuels 29, Jamie Merchant 9/2/25/2, Nicholas Walters 7/0/44/3.

St. Mary vs Handover
St. Mary won by 10 wickets against Handover. Handover 83 all out, Jovan Dixon 22. St. Mary 84 without loss, Alwayne Williams 59 not out.

Kensington Cricket Club vs Catherine CA
Kensington Cricket Club beat Catherine CA by 3 wickets. St. Catherine CA 167 all out, Alex Johnson 29, Devoy Smith 22, Amanjah Morris 21, Nicholson Gordon 8/0/31/2, Danul Griffiths 7/0/30/2, Joseph Williams 5/2/23/2, Craig Gordon 3/0/24/3. Kensington Cricket Club 168/7, Dennis Smith 56 not out, Romario Lynch 25, Shemar Phillips 20 not out, Jevar Harriston 10/0/41/4.

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