PAK T/20 Cricket Tournament
The Superstars have named a strong squad to compete in the Pak T/20 tournament slated for this weekend with 14 games across seven grounds.

The aggressive Richard Ramdeen. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Superstars have a strong batting line up that will be led by USA player Azurdeen Mohammed the aggressive and stylish Guyana national player Richard Ramdeen  and veteran Debo Sankar.

The team will also feature a few young, promising and attractive all-rounder,  New York under-19 player Rafeek Nazeer who has shown immense potential this season, the talented Amarnauth Persaud, these two youngsters will be  key players for the Superstars. Rhett Ramoutar and Mark Gomes will add some depth in the batting line up, also included is the hard hitting Telston Johnson and Youdesh Bissnauth, Sunesh Wazid, Rocky Kowchai, Zaaid Majeed  and Charlton Senior

The spin bowling department  will be led by Saumil Gandhi , former Guyana youth player Ajaz Asgarally will take charge behind the stumps.  MMZ Superstar inform batsman the flamboyant Trevis Ross is not available due to prior commitment with the Bedessee Destroyer squad.

The full squad is: Azurdeen Mohammed (capt), Richard Ramdeen, Debo Sankar, Amarnauth Persaud, Rafeek Nazeer, Rhett Ramoutar, Telston Johnson, Sunesh Wazid, Youdesh Bissnauth, Mark Gomes, Rocky Kowchai, Saumil Gandhi, Zaaid Majeed, Ajaz Asgarally, Rayhanul Islam, Randall Wilson, Ricky Bisnath and Hakim Khan (Manager).
MMZ Superstars have two double headers, on Saturday at Marine Park D. The first game is against Brooklyn Knights at 9am and the second game will see the Superstars boys taking on Pak Stallion at 1pm.

On Sunday at Idlewild Park, the first game is at 9AM against ACA and Flatbush Eleven at 1PM.

Good Luck to all the teams.

Saturday 21st Sep. 2013
80th St.
Scorpion v/s Bedessee   9.00 am
Scorpion v/s P.T.I           1.00 pm

88th St.
Punjab  v/s  Kings Xl      9.00 am
Punjab   v/s Warriors     1.00 pm

108 St.
NY Tigers v/s P.T.I          9.00 am
NY Tigers v/s  Bedessee 1.00 pm

Baisley Pond
Melbourne v/s  Jazba       9.00 am
Melbourne v/s BKLN star 1.00 pm

Pak  Stallions v/s F/Bush 9.00 am
Jazba              v/s Striker   1.00 pm
MMZ super    v/s BKLN knights 9.00 am
MMZ super    v/s Pak. Stallions 1.00 pm

Shadi khan    v/s Warriors          9.00 am
Shadi khan     v/s Kings Xl          1.00 pm

Sunday Fixtures
223rd St.
MMZ          v/s        ACA              9.00 am
MMZ          v/s        F/Bush        1.00pm

Baisley Pond
Bk. Knight v/s       Pak. Stallions  9.00am
ACA           v/s       Pak. Stallions  1.00pm

88th St.
Hameed Xl  v/s    NY Tigers          9.00am
Hameed Xl  v/s    Bedessee         1.00pm

108th St. Ground 1
Pkucc         v/s    Punjab c c        1.00pm

108th St. Ground 2
Bedessee    v/s    P T I                  9.00am
NY Tigers    v/s    Scorpion           1.00pm

MP “C”
Kings Xl      v/s    Warriors            1.00pm