USACA National Championship & Auty Cup
USACA is pleased to announce that its 2012 National Championship match between the Eastern Conference and Western Conference has been scheduled for November 11 in Florida at Brian Piccolo Park located in Cooper City, Florida. As warm up for the Championship match both teams will square off in a T20 match on November 10 at the same venue.

New Yorker Nicholas Standford was selected to represent USA national team to play against Canada. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Eastern Conference Team
Adil Bhatti, Adrian Gordon, Azurdeen Mohammed, Cameron Mirza, Danial Ahmed, Japen Patel, Junaid Rasheed, Shahid Nazir (Malik), Steve Massiah, Steven Taylor Timothy Surujbally and  Waleed Karimullah

Western Conference Team
Abhimanyu Rajp, Aditya Mishra, Elmore Hutchinson, Hammad Shahid, Khawaja Usman Shuja, Naseer Jamali, Ravi Timbawala, Saami Muneeb, Siddiqui Saqib Saleem, Sushil, Nadkarni, Timil Patel and Aditya Thyagarajan

2012 Auty Cup Match Series 2012 November 14 to 17, 2012
USA Cricket Association (USACA) is also pleased to announce that the 2012 version of sports oldest international cricket match – USA v Canada for the Auty Cup -is all set for November 14 and 15 in Florida.

The Auty Cup was first played between USA and Canada in 1844 and sporadically between the two countries ever since. After a gap of about 16 years the series was revived in 2011 as both USA and Canada committed to continue the tradition. Canada hosted in 2011 coming out victorious. In 2012 USA will be hosting the Canadians in Florida and looking to avenge the defeat.

The Auty Cup is a 2-day traditional 2-innings cricket match. However to make the series more interesting and contemporary, additional limited overs matches have been added to the fixtures. A 50 Overs match will be played on November 16 followed by 2 T20 matches on November 17.

Team USA for the Auty Cup Match Series
Steven Taylor, Ryan Corns, Nicholas Stanford, Barrington Bartley, Adrian Gordon, Saami Muneeb Siddiqui, Timothy Surujbally, Azurdeen Mohammed, Japen Patel, Danial Ahmed, Adil Bhatti, Hammad Shahid, Naseer Jamali and Timil Patel.

USA plans on using these series of matches to prepare for its next two international assignments, ICC Americas Division 1 T20 (March 2013) and ICC Pepsi WCL Division 3 (April 2013). In addition to current National players many other players hoping to break into the national team will also be participating and will be eager to attract the selectors’ eyes.