Special General Meeting

USACA Sets Elections Date Of March 21, 2015

News February 13, 2015 admin

A Press Release issued by the United States of America Cricket Association, outlines a 2015 election schedule culminating at a Special General Meeting of the association on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency, in Dallas, TX, at which an Executive Board of Directors will be elected and installed.

Orville Hall is of one the candidate who has come forward and announced his candidacy for USACA presidency.

The electoral process has been put in place amidst some confusion and controversy within the cricketing community here in the USA, with some stakeholders claiming its more of the same from the ICC recognized national organization USACA, with regard to the eligibility of many of the leagues expected to participate in the elections. The controversy stems from the criteria for compliance as set out in the current USACA Constitution, and further based on the exclusion of more than 30 leagues from voting in the 2012 elections.

Here is an outline of the upcoming election timeline issued by USACA:
Activity     Date (2015)
February 12  – Nominations Open
February 18 – Midnight: Nominations Close
February 22 – Midnight: Deadline for Nominees to accept Nomination
February 26 – Midnight: Background Checks of Nominees to be completed
February 28 – USACA to publish list of valid nominations
March 1 – Ballots mailed to eligible voters
March 20 – Deadline to return absentee (Mail-In) ballots
March 21 – Special General Meeting & Elections

USACA has provided the following FAQ listing
Q Who is eligible to make nominations?
A Any member of any member club of any USACA member league
List of USACA member leagues is available on USACA website
Q How to submit nominations?
A Complete the prescribed nomination form and submit as directed
Q Who is eligible to be nominated?
A Any individual who is eighteen years of age or older and who is a legal permanent resident of the United States of America and who has the power under law to contract, may be nominated for election to the Board
Q Can I nominate the same person for more than one position?
A Yes. However each nomination must be done separately
Q Who is eligible to vote?
A The sitting presidents of USACA member leagues in Good Standing and approved by the Board as being eligible to vote
The list of eligible voters is available on USACA website
Q How do I vote?
A If you are the sitting president of a league approved by the Board to vote you will be sent a ballot.
You may vote by submitting your ballot in person at the Special General Meeting or by mail.
See Article XXII Section 7 of USACA Constitution
Q Can I vote by proxy?
A Yes.  See Article XXII Section 6 of USACA Constitution

Nominations are invited for the following positions
President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer
Eligibility – USACA Constitution Article XXI Section 2
Any individual who is eighteen years of age or older and who is a legal permanent resident of the United States of America and who has the power under law to contract, may be nominated for election to the Board
Proof of Eligibility
Acceptable forms of proof of age and legal permanent resident status may include, but are not limited to, a copy of the photo page of nominee’s US Passport or a copy of the nominee’s legal permanent resident card (Green Card)
Submission of Nomination
Nominations along with proof of the nominee’s eligibility are to be submitted to Lisa Brulport, USACA Executive Administrative Assistant on behalf of Mr. Mascelles Bailey, USACA Executive Secretary no later than midnight February 18, 2015.  Scan and e-mail to: lbrulport@gmail.com OR Fax to: (305) 675-3346.

Atlantic Region: Garden State Cricket League, Indoor Cricket USA, New Jersey Cricket Association, Washington Cricket League, Washington Metro Cricket Association
Central East Region: Bolingbrook Premier League, Champions League USA, Cricket Michigan, Illinois Cricket Board, Midwest Cricket Conference
Central West Region: Arkansas Tennessee Cricket League, Central Texas Cricket League, Colorado Cricket League, Dallas Cricket League, Dallas Women’s Cricket League, Houston Cricket League, North Texas Cricket Association
New York: American Cricket League, Brooklyn Cricket League, Eastern American Cricket Association, New York Cricket League, New York Metropolitan District Cricket Association
North East: Connecticut Cricket League
South East Region: Atlanta Georgia Cricket Conference, Central Florida Cricket Association, Florida South East Cricket League, Georgia Supreme Cricket Association, South Florida Cricket Alliance, Triangle Cricket League
North West Region: Bay Area Cricket Alliance, California Cricket Academy, California Cricket League, Northern California Cricket Association, Northern California Cricket Association T20, Northwest Cricket League, Sacramento Cricket Association, Seattle Cricket League
South West Region: Greater Los Angeles Cricket Association, San Diego Cricket Association

Background Check Process
All persons nominated for positions in USACA Elections or appointed to volunteer or salaried positions with USACA must undergo a background check once every two years at the person’s expense. The agency approved by USACA to perform the background check is Certified Background.
On application Certified Background will check the applicant’s background for
1. County Criminal, 2. Nationwide Federal Criminal, 3. Nationwide Sexual Offender Index, 4.Social Security Alert, 5. Residency History.

The application process for obtaining a background check is very simple

Visit http://www.certifiedbackground.com/

Click on Applicants on the right Type in US13 as the Package Code

Hit submit and continue from there.

On completion of the application process, all applicants are requested to provide to:
USACA Executive Assistant – Lisa Brulport (lbrulport@usaca.org) the password received upon submitting the application and the last four (4) digits of their Social Security Number. This will confirm that the background check has been ordered and it also authorizes USACA access to the results.