Blazers Cricket Academy’s Global Collaboration with Desert Cubs UAE
Blazers Cricket Academy (BCA) and Desert Cubs from the UAE have joined forces to elevate youth cricket at the grassroots level in the USA. This collaboration heralds a significant milestone in youth cricket, introducing the dynamic partnership “Desert Cubs Blazers.”

Biju Nair and Presley Polonnowita.
Biju Nair (left) and Presley Polonnowita

Desert Cubs: A Cricketing Legacy
Established in 2007 under the visionary leadership of Presley Polonnowita, Desert Cubs has firmly etched its name in cricketing history. Desert Cubs is a distinguished and respected name in world cricket with a mission to foster high-caliber players capable of excelling on both the Domestic and International Circuits.

Blazers Cricket Academy (BCA)
Established in 2023 by Biju Nair, the visionary owner of the East Bay Blazers Minor League Franchise on the west coast, Blazers Cricket Academy (BCA) remains dedicated to developing youth and women’s cricket. Notably, the Blazers Women’s team will participate in the upcoming San Diego Open during the President’s Weekend in San Diego, underscoring a substantial commitment to advancing women’s cricket by the Blazers organization.

Enter “Desert Cubs Blazers”
The synergy between Blazers Cricket Academy and Desert Cubs gives rise to “Desert Cubs Blazers,” combining the expertise of both entities. The central goal is cultivating youth cricket in the USA by initiating the Bay Area, California, effort. A formidable team of experienced coaches from the United States, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and Afghanistan will collaboratively mentor the aspiring cricketers, shaping them into well-rounded players poised for success on both domestic and international stages.

A Vision for the Future
This partnership sets ambitious objectives, encompassing dynamic coaching from international experts, upgrading infrastructure, and orchestrating international tours to provide recognition and motivation for emerging young cricketers. The academy’s vision is to revolutionize youth cricket coaching by integrating modern techniques, implementing student exchange programs, conducting advanced fitness training, and prioritizing nutrition—geared towards shaping the next generation of cricketing stars.

Meet the Visionaries: Presley Polonnowita and Biju Nair
Presley Polonnowita, the visionary behind Desert Cubs in the UAE, brings a dynamic cricketing history to the forefront. With an ACC (Asian Cricket Council) Level 3 Certification and leadership roles at the International Council of Cricket Academy (ICCA), he has steered Desert Cubs into becoming the foremost sports facility in the UAE. The academy’s prestige is enhanced by the participation of notable players such as Ravichandran Ashwin, Dinesh Karthik, Jonty Rhodes, Aravinda De Silva, and Kevin Pietersen in high-performance camps organized under his guidance.

In the American cricketing landscape, Biju Nair, a seasoned cricketer and entrepreneur, is at the forefront of the cricketing revolution. His impact extends from investments in the 2023 Western Division Champions, the East Bay Blazers, to advocacy for the Major League franchise SF Unicorns. Nair actively nurtures young talent through his support for NCCA (Northern California Cricket Association) league clubs like the Bay Area Cricket Club (BACC) and Santa Clara Cricket Club (SCCC). His multifaceted contributions underscore a deep commitment to the growth and development of cricket in the United States.

Anticipating a Bright Future
Desert Cubs – Blazers pledges to introduce world-class coaching, international tournaments, and unmatched opportunities for young cricket enthusiasts in the Bay Area. This collaboration is poised to redefine the landscape of youth cricket, establishing a robust development hub and laying the foundation for an exhilarating cricketing revolution. Stay tuned as we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this extraordinary partnership!