Press Release From Nabeel Ahmed’s Campaign
USACA’s post-election mandate must view the elevation of Youth and Women’s cricket as critical components in the infrastructure of any forward-thinking administration. All youths, boys and girls, along with the women, could be marking an important milestone in the future of this country’s cricket, as they aspire to have their dreams fulfilled by representing the USA at the 2020 Olympics (the idea is not as farfetched as you may think).

Nabeel Ahmed, a USACA presidential candidate. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

In my ongoing efforts to promote, encourage and foster cricket development in the USA, I am putting forward a fool-proof plan for Youth and Women’s cricket development. During this critical juncture of growth in Youth and Women’s cricket, it is absolutely necessary for us to create a blue print which would allow both disciplines to soar to greater heights with greater accountability in producing better quality cricketers and emphasis on the youth and women co-ordinators encouraging cricket academies across the country to come on board as USACA affiliates.

As I introduce my new vision for youth cricket, let’s put the spotlight on Under-13, Under-15, Under-19 and Under-23 categories. I will implement a year-round “Future Stars New Dimensional Cricket Coaching and Training program,” in multiple locations throughout the regions of USA and will be spearheaded by trained and qualified coaches.

The primary objective for such youth programs is to provide kits, safety equipment and uniforms to outstanding performers. To assist them in entering the Annual Coaching scheme, which will be devised to enhance the individual skills and experience of the trainees, and to have modern and updated physical training models, along with special drills to exposed and enhance techniques in fielding, bowling and batting. Also, to have coaches and players working closely together, both individually and collectively, to develop their game as we attempt to identify hardworking youngsters to play at a variety of positions in intra-country competitions and on to the next level. I will advocate for the following:
· A Club/Team Coaching scheme for all affiliated clubs/teams
· An Academy Coaching scheme for enrolled career youth cricketers
· Well-structured games between the leagues / regions

These programs will build a renewed spirit of sportsmanship and develop discipline among our youth cricketers, and with consistent training and exposure throughout the process, will also allow them to function effectively at the national and international level.

It has been rough ride for the women – girls and ladies – who have expended several years of sweat and determination as they continue to strive for excellence against all the odds. This segment of cricketers has been put on the “back burner” by the current administration. The stakeholders of women’s cricket in USA, the lady cricketers – whether part of a touring party or not – have found themselves without a clear mission, and with limited direction as they to continue to labor at the game they love so dearly. This has been demonstrated in their under preparation for the upcoming tour of Bangladesh later this year, and was also evident on the recently-concluded supervised training camp in Barbados.

My mission is to accommodate the spirited effort of talented and eligible female players of all ages who are interested in participating in the USACA women’s cricket programs nationwide and international. I hereby introduce my new vision “Women’s Cricket – by them, for them”.

As part of my New Vision I will be advocate for the following:

· The Appointment of a National Women’s Coordinator, who will work closely with the Women’s Cricket Development Coordinator of each region of USACA, to implement the necessary cricket programs and disciplines
· The appointment of a group of Women Selectors / Women Coaches / Women Managers, who have the ability to do the expected due diligence at every level from club to league to regional and to the national level
· Create an academy for Women Cricketers, to recruit, conduct formal training and induct women cricketers in the mainstream, and franchise these academies to each and every corner of the Country

A few months back, I have already initiated these doctrines by first inducting an American-Born lady to develop a program for Women in the Member- League of the Great Lakes Cricket Conference I founded five years ago. I was very happy to see it come to fruition when the Great Lakes Cricket Conference nominated this young lady to a position at the regional level as the Member-at-large (Women cricket development Coordinator) for this term 2011-14 thus enabling the Central East Region to become the pilot region of the Nation.

I would like to extend an invitation to all cricket lovers in the country, particularly the future stars from the youth and women categories, to participate in this mass movement. The key to an effective program is striking a perfect balance as the stakeholders.

Yes, let’s get started.

This is a work in progress, and I welcome the opportunity to continue the fight for equality which has finally begun across the United States of America.

The Recovery starts here! Let us do it together.