Zeniffe Fowler representing Metropolitan Cricket League bats against American Cricket League. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

2014 Metropolitan Cricket MVP
The New York Metropolitan & District Cricket League recently concluded its 2014 cricket season and named Zeniffe Lavor Fowler its 2014 MVP. Newyorkcricket.com caught up with Zeniffe and posed the following questions to the Clarendon, Jamaica cricketer.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Zeniffe Lavor Fowler, and I was born in Sav Lamar, in the Parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, West Indies. I now live in Salem District, James Hill, in the Parish of Clarendon, in Jamaica. I am the last of nine children for my mother. I am a graduate of the Mico University College where I did a BSc. in Physical Education, with a minor in Social Studies.

Zeniffe takes a break at the MAQ T20 tournament in Florida, where he represented Washington Tigers. Photo by Ali Ebrahim

How does it feel to be the MVP of the Metropolitan Cricket League’s 2014 season?
I am very happy that I was named MVP for the New York Metropolitan Cricket League. I performed well, so it’s always nice to be recognized when you do well.

Tell us about your training routines
My training routine varies, depending on where I am, but generally it includes physical exercise, tempo runs, and then the nets, where I work on my weak areas.

Who is the toughest player you know?
One of the toughest cricketers I know is current West Indies middle-order batsman Jermaine Blackwood. He always backs himself against any opponent.

What’s your favorite wicket celebration routine?
My favorite wicket routine is to first high five the bowler and the catcher. If it is a brilliant catch, I normally do a dance or jump.

Give us your view on the current state of USA Cricket, and how you think it can be improved?
The state of cricket in the United States is good based on what I have seen so far. There is plenty of good talent all over, however if cricket in the States should move to the next level then more clay/dirt wickets will have to be created, so players can get more accustomed to what the majority of the world is using; and by extension international standards.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
Many people don’t know that I can sing

If cricket has taught you one thing, what is it?
Cricket has taught me to accept winning and defeat as part of life, so one has to accept both.

Can you cook?
Actually, I am a very good cook. I do most of the cooking when I am at home.

What’s your biggest weakness?
My biggest weakness is shot selection.

“Having played in New York, New Jersey, and in the Washington Cricket League, I would have to give the Washington Cricket League the edge, as it relates to the competitiveness and overall quality of cricket played in that region.”

Zeniffe Fowler

Who is your favorite cricket commentator?
My favorite cricket commentator is Danny Morrison. He is always full of life when doing cricket commentary, and he keeps you in the game.

Out of the three centuries you scored this year, which one would you rate the best, and why?
Of the three centuries I made in the league, I would say the 158 I made vs. Spice Island.

What’s the best compliment you have ever received from a fellow cricketer?
The best compliment I have ever gotten from a fellow cricketer is, he would watch me bat in this lifetime, and the next one.

Where is the best place in USA to play cricket?
I was very pleased with my performances in the New York area. It was my first time playing extensively in the United States and the experience was really good. Having played in New York, New Jersey, and in the Washington Cricket League, I would have to give the Washington Cricket League the edge, as it relates to the competitiveness and overall quality of cricket played in that region.

Zeniffe Fowler has represented Jamaica national team. Photo Shem Rodney.

Who’s your all-time hero outside of cricket?
My hero outside of cricket would definitely have to be Nelson Mandela.

What’s your favorite shot?
My favorite shot is the cut shot. I normally execute it very well, especially to spin.

Would you rather take a five-wicket haul or score a fifty?
I would rather take a five-wicket haul than make fifty.

Which cricketer in the world would you pay to watch?
I would pay to watch Virat Kholi bat.

Are you handy at any other sports?
I am a descent footballer, and good at sprinting.