By Sham Ali
(Celebrating 43rd Anniversary – Match #1211):-
Cosmos strolled over to Baisley Pond to take on Melbourne in the 2nd match of the double-header. With both teams looking for a consolation win, Melbourne won the toss and elected to bat.

Alvin Gobin
The young and talented Alvin Gobin. Photos by Sham Ali

Melbourne, on this day appeared to be a sad image of itself and just a name with many unidentifiable parts in t-shirts. Clearly there must be some respect for the league’s required uniforms. It is unfortunate that a team which has played some excellent cricket throughout the season, and a finalist in the division 2 round robin competition, to be paraded in ‘attire’ that is suited for a street BBQ lime.

Unfortunately, the display last Sunday is evident in a number of the teams, and is one of the sad realities of color clothe cricket in these parts where you can play-in-whatever-clothe-you-wake-up-in and headed to the park to do your ting as if it is a street fair bbq, and it begs the question who cares about uniform, it’s color!

Ironically, that is exactly the bbq which Cosmos received from the openers who posted a massive opening partnership courtesy of, oh yes, a few gifted chances that lit the fire. The partnership was one of the most belligerent batting displays in a T20 match in the NYNC League as the pair blazed their way to a record opening stand of 212 runs. It had a good dose of brutally and seasoned with some delightful stroke-play. A. Algoo relished the opportunities that were given to him on 25, as any batsman would, when he mistimed a drive off Sham Ali to R. Ganesh at short mid-off and it went in and then out.

As if some things were just meant to be, it was Ganesh again who grassed another one that trickled over the mid-wicket boundary ropes to give Algoo his century. The other centurion R. Latcha rode his luck in a similar way to get to his century, however, he played a much more selective and controlled inning. Apart from the blunders by Cosmos in the field, it was the Algoo / Latcha show that resulted in twenty-eight boundaries which fully seasoned the Cosmos bowling attack before the Melbourne inning closed on an improbable 262 for 1 off their allotted 20 over.

Alvin Gobin
Alvin Gobin

By the time Cosmos had digested their roasting as the worst in the league, it turned out to be short-lived when word came over the wire that Majestic batsmen over at ‘the cage’ were on a leather hunt. Apparently Cosmos had gotten them warmed up earlier, as they pounced on Yakusari with a monumental 288 in 20 overs. Cosmos perhaps breathe some relief, but they had their work cut out. However, it seems like the double-header matches had taken its toll on the boys with not much of an appetite left to challenge the total. They could only chewed on 77 runs in their reply.

Throughout the season, Doneshwar Dayanand, one of the most dedicated members in Cosmos, and young Alvin Gobin, a promising young cricketer, were satisfied to be with the team on Sundays, and on occasions, they were given opportunities to play. Opportunities that would not be afforded to them anywhere else for sure in this area. It was their chance to shine and they embraced it with courage and excitement and received total encouragement from their teammates. These are the small enjoyable moments which make for lifelong memories that no amount of victories will match, and that is really the true the definition of a club and the value of recreational cricket.

On reflection, the season did not live up to expectations, and while the results would not reveal the true spirit and dedication of the boys throughout the season, there were many notable highlights to be proud of. However, once the boys can work to correct a few of the fundamental errors which they committed on the field they would certainly be a competitive team, and will be able to turn their record around. It was a testing season for this young Cosmos team, and while many would have folded prematurely, this group of Cosmos boys responded with grit and determination match after match. In these circles, success is often narrowly measured by winning a cricket match, however. the objectives of Cosmos as a club are much deeper and wider, and that was evident by the discipline showed in the activities that were undertaken.

On another proud note; Congratulations are in order to, one of Cosmos stalwarts, Shafiq Jadavji, on his induction into the United States of America Cricket Hall of Fame. The entire membership of Cosmos wish him continued success in the years ahead.

Cosmos Presentation will be on Nov. 13 at Nan King Restaurant, New Hyde Park.

Cosmos Bus Ride to Foxwoods will be on Dec. 10.