Hyron Shallow
Hyron Shallow struck an unbeaten 201 in Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board League.

Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board League
Doronto Tigers Cricket Club vs Gladiators

On 6/15/2019 in the Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board league, Doronto Tigers Cricket club won by 162 runs against Gladiators. Doronto Tigers CC asked to take first strike and compiled 331 for 6 from 40 overs, Hyron Shallow former St. Vincent and Grenadines and Windward Islands player struck a master class 201 not out, Mohammed Ershad 69 and extras 33. Bowling for Gladiators, Samiul Hassan 8/1/27/2, Naweed Ammar 8/0/86/2. Gladiators in reply were bundled out for 169, Vijay Kumar Chalasani 43 and extras 32. Bowling for Doronto Tigers CC, John Mojumder 8/0/40/5.

DC Tigers vs DC Royals Cricket Club
DC Tigers won by 130 runs when they met DC Royals Cricket Club. DC Tigers 221/8, Gowkaran Roopnarine 55, Christopher Vantull 39, Narsingh Deonarine 37 and extras 42 (24 wides). Bowling for Royals, Baber Agha 8/1/18/3, Rikin Parikh 8/1/51/2. DC Royals Cricket club 91 all out, Baber Aghar 19. Bowling for DC Tigers, Narsingh Deonarine 6/2/19/5 and Junaid Saeed 4/1/12/3.

Narsingh Deonarine
Former West Indies player Narsingh Deonarine picked up 5 for 19 against DC Royals. Photo courtesy of WICB Media/Ashley Allen

Spartan vs Windies Cricket Club
Spartan Cricket Club won by 175 runs against Windies Cricket Club. Spartan 301/9 from 40 overs, Sheraz Ali Khan 131, Amir Zia 59, Raja Herman 7/0/54/3, Stephon Singh 7/0/57/2. Windies Cricket Club 122 all out, Stephano Singh 32 not out, Kareem Bacchus 22. Bowling for Spartan, Mohammed Niaz 6.1/0/25/3 and Sheraz Ali Khan 4.2/0/10/2.

Southern Connecticut Twenty20
Bridgeport Cricket Club vs Hampden Combine X1

On 6/15/2019 Bridgeport Cricket Club defeated Hampden Combine X1 by 20 runs. Richard Ricketts 76, Gavin Smith 19, David Artwell 16. Bowling for Hampden Combine, Anthony Tulo 4/0/22/2, Anthony Hemmington 4/0/27/1. Hampden Combine 148/8 from 20 overs, Mark Audain 26, Gavin Dacres 22. Bowling for Bridgeport Cricket Club, David Artwell 4/0/45/3, Sean Edwards 4/0/9/1 and Trevor Smith 4/0/27/1.

Cavaliers Cricket Club vs New Heaven Eagles
Cavaliers Cricket Club won by 10 wickets against New Heaven Eagles as they were all out for 53, Wayne Clennon 3/1/4/3 and Sheldon Smith 3.1/0/4/3. Cavaliers Cricket Club 54 without loss, Rohan Taylor 31 and Shan Thelwell 14, both batsmen were unbeaten.

Cavaliers Cricket Club vs New Milford Cricket Club
Cavaliers Cricket Club won by 5 wickets when they played against New Milford Cricket Club. The latter posted 105/6 from 20 overs, Sam Verma 16 not out, Dulson Hemans 4/1/19/2, Richard Miller 3/1/13/1 and Sheldon Smith 4/0/14/1. Cavaliers Cricket Club 108/5 from 19.1 overs, Gareth Matthews 48, Wayne Clennon 33, Sam Verma 4/0/16/2 and Ishan Masood 2/0/15/2.

Jameel Morgan
Jameel Morgan picked up 4 for 33 and then hit an unbeaten 79.

Georgia Supreme Cricket League 40/40
NCA Mavericks vs Atlanta Startling Sports Club

NCA Mavericks won by 8 wickets vs Atlanta Startling Sports Club. NCA Mavericks 166 all out Raja Yeruva 33, John Bazley 27, Jameel Morgan 8/2/33/4, Orande Pearson 7/024/3 and Jessie Alexander 5.4/0/30/2. Atlanta Starling Sports Club 170/2, Jameel Morgan 79 not out, Orande Pearson 40, Shashane Anderson 28, Reja Yeruva 2/0/30/1 and Madan Addala 2/0/30/1.

United vs UBA Rattlers
United won against UBA Rattlers by 25 runs. United posted 265/7 from 40 overs, Jefery Scott 105 not out, Mukesh Seelal 68, Romash Muma 23, Glenn Atkins 7/0/49/4 and Kayon Omar Watson 8/2/35/2. UBA Rattlers 240 all out, Tyron Gayle 91, Kayon Omar Watson 41, Omar Morgan 23, Extras 38 (27 wides). Ulrick Clarke 8/0/30/3, Jefery Scott 8/038/3 and Cleve Lambert 8/037/3.

Brooklyn Cricket League 40/40
Junoon vs Brooklyn Challengers

Junoon beat Brooklyn Challengers by 8 wickets. Brooklyn Challengers 98 all out, Bedar Shabbir 34, Shaharyar Mian 6/1/11/5 and Tanvir Ahmed 1.3/0/3/2. Junoon 102/2, Syed Haider Ali 47, Wyne Ahmed 26. Usman Riaz 4/0/27/1 and Shakeel Rauf 1/0/1/1.

Middlesex vs Desie Hitters
Middlesex vs Desie Hitters results pending. Middlesex CC 178 all out, Hyron Shallow 79, Sunil Orie 23, Mohammed Ali Bajwa 3.1/0/30/2, Adnad Perviaz 4/0/34/2, Wajid Sultan 5/0/28/1, Rizwan Ahmed 3/0/11/1. Desie Hitters 126/6 from 27 overs when the rain came, Rizwan Ahmed 46, Sulman Perviaz 32 not out, Adnad Perviaz 18 not out, Treldon McMillan a fantastic spell 7/0/30/2, Alston Bacchus 5/0/13/2 and Mark Audain 3/0/23/1.
Eastern Cricket Conference

Montego Sports Club vs Virginia Tech Cricket Club
On 6/15/2019 Montego Sports Club won by 36 runs vs Virginia Tech Cricket Club. Montego Sports Club 148 all out, Anthony Sahadeo 58, Jeba Singh 20, extras 32. Yogendra Patel 8/0/38/3, Abhishek Sose 5.1/1/29/3. Virginia Tech Cricket Club 112 all out, Shivarn Chourey 12, Nilanjan Ghosh 6/1/16/4, Lauron Francios 7/0/27/2, Anthony Sahadeo 8/1/13/2.

Report compiled by Mark Audain, if you would like to post your scores please contact him at [email protected] or WhatsApp at 516-587-3290.